Thursday, July 20, 2017

Princess Agents

It seems this year has produced a lot of interesting Chinese Dramas. It all started with Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Fingers crossed a local theatre  near me will show Once Upon a Time (the movie version) next month. It would be pretty sweet if it was in IMAX, but I'll just be happy with it in theatres. 

I had someone on my Tumblr page asked me to do some Princess Agents meme and thought why not. I don't think my memes will explain my frustration with this drama and thought why not write a bit about it. The drama is currently still airing and has about another week of episodes. 

Princess Agents is currently making waves, but it's not living up to the hype. The story is based off a book called 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. From my understanding, the book had elements which are banned for dramas. A lot of work had to go into the time travel change. I've heard the book is pretty good, but the rework of this drama makes me wonder the elements take out of the book is the reason why this drama is turning into a chaotic mess.

I warn you of spoilers ... Don't read more if you don't want to know.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God- Episodes 14-16 Recap: The Beginning of Goblin Withdrawal

Come say your finale goodbye to Goblin with Chingus in Dramaland or come catch up.
                                                                                                                                                                              | Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 |

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bulletin Report: Where I'm at with Dramas

Oh My Venus:

A Fan Service KDrama, but I'm not complaining. The chemistry between these two was down right hot. I was pleasantly surprised with how the drama handled the weight issue. It's wasn't preaching to starve yourself nor was it trying to say being thin was beautiful. Young Ho wanted to help Joo Eun become healthy. Joo Eun decided to work and listen to him because her health issues were related to her being over weight. In the end, she lost the weight in a natural and safe way and her health improved. 

The second leads were forget about however Joon Sung and Ji Woong were lovable. The ending with Young Ho leaving to heal was disappointing. The drama would've had a strong story narrative and OTP if Joo Eun could have been allowed into his recovery. 

It's worth checking out if your looking for a feel good drama. 

Answer Me 1988:

I think it's safe to say everyone knows my feelings on this and will not speak of this drama again.

Cheese In the Trap:

I was late to the game with this drama. I marathoned the first 8 episodes. I could see why the web comic was popular and why fans were very worry about the cast. The drama was done pretty well in those first few episodes. Of course, talking about Cheese you can't discuss this without talking about the behind the scene drama.

 You can tell when the episode starts to shift focus from Jung to In Ho. This shift in narration was very noticeable and it hurt the drama big time. The drama kept reinforcing how dark and twisted Jung without really driving deep into his narrated until the last episode. Moments which could had shed light on the reasoning behind Jung's actions toward people was instead used to support In Ho's hatred towards him. It's like the production team started to believe in In Ho's hate towards Jung until the fans pointed out their wrong. Sure the fans were right in pointing out the flaws of the drama, but the production team got the last word by flipping the bird to the fans.

Jung and Seol broke up because someone really wanted to piss people off. No really, I don't understand why these two couldn't have taken the time to talk and work things out. Oh wait, it's because the drama wasted all it's time hanging out with In Ho. All that time could have been used for Jung and Seol. The worst part is three years later and there is still no closure. It's fine if Jung understand his way of thinking was wrong and wanting to better himself. I also like how In Ho and In Ha finally understood the mistakes they made. These were all great parts of the narrate. The whole point was the relationship between Jung and Seol. The struggle and conflict isn't something to fix because it's been wasted away with other thing.

Last part to this rant, I swear is the flashback to happy times. WTF drama. If you want to leave thing open ended will they or won't they, do not include a flashback. Thanks anyways for the bird.

Should you watch it? It's a well done drama despite the BTS drama and weird choices it made. Just don't get your hopes up for the ending.

Six Flying Dragons:

I'm been ruined for historical KDramas for good. I loved Tree With Deep Roots, but for different reasons. Dragons is more action, but boy does it keep you on the edge of your seat. When you think you're bored by the on going story, that's when the drama surprises you with this weeks episode's ending. The character's are interesting and complex and towards the end of the drama there is no villain as our Dragons face off between each other. It's a sad turn of events, but one's you knew was going to happen. The OST is amazing and enhances the mood and look of the scenes. The fight scenes are outstanding and the look of drama is stunningly gorgeous.

 Whatever you are doing, stop and go start this drama. Yes it's 50 episodes, but it's worth it. Now, I got to go watch Tree With Deep Roots to see how everything connects.

One More Happy Ending:

I was surprised with a few things in this drama. First, I loved the friendship of these women. Most KDramas tend to follow the catty trope of woman. It was very refreshing to see the love and support these women had for one another. The chemistry for our leads was fantastic and made me want to throw my laptop a few times with the lack of them not being together. The drama started out not being ashamed of the adult themes it was telling. It was nice seeing these themes talked about, but it seems the drama became shy towards the end of the drama.

This drama is about friendships and relationships. It's worth the time to watch it.

Chronicle of Life:

It's been awhile since I've watched a Chinese Drama. I'm a sucker for historical ones. I think it's the costumes. They're so pretty. I came across this drama on chance. Boy, this drama is gorgeous. It has a Bu Bu Jing Xin look to it and a bit of the feeling. It may not live up to my favorite drama ever, but it did keep me hitting the next episode button. Hawick Lau is dreamy as Emperor Kang Xi. I can't say I'm surprised by the ending. It's a CDrama and I've only seen a few which ended in happier times.

Love Me If You Dare:

This drama totally gave me I Remember You vibes. I love psycho thrillers with a bit of romance. I was told about this little drama from a fan of the blog. (So sorry I can't remember your name) Thank you for letting me know about this gem. This would have been a good one to meme throughout the drama, but I was so suck into the story it became a lost cause to try and meme the whole drama. This is my first drama with Wallace Huo and he's amazing. He pulls off creepy and charming at the same time really well. I'm scared and in love with him at the same time. The narrative of the drama was a mystery which kept me guessing until the very end. I'm very impressed over all with this drama.

The English actors aren't the greatest, but I'm happy with the choice of the drama just letting everyone speak their own tongue. Sometimes it's harder to believe the characters are fluent in another language when they speak it. With all the build up towards the end of the drama, I've got my fingers crossed for a second season.

Perfect Couple:

I went on a Wallace Huo drama kick after Love Me If You Dare. Yuan Bao is a horrible detective and Simon would be rolling in his grave if he was born yet. The drama is super cheesy, but I love seeing the funny side of Wallace. Yuan Bao is a better character when he's funny than as the straight man. The drama is WAY too long but it was a enjoyed to watch.

The Journey of Flower:

My last drama with Wallace Huo. I know about The Imperial Doctress, but I'm waiting. Mostly, I'm not happy Wallace and Cecilia not being the OTP.  Anyhoo this drama is a fantasy historical drama and the special effect aren't very good, but if you can over look the cheesy the story isn't so bad. The story isn't winning an Oscar, but I think the reason I liked it so much is because of the ending.

*Spoilers*  Don't read unless you want to know

Bai Zi Hua is a god who's lived for a long time. He doesn't see shades of gray only black or white. In his case, it's right or wrong. Not to mention, he's kind of emotionless. Hua Qian Gu (Bone) is super sweet and an innocent. I can understand why people get annoyed with her character along the way, but for me I was okay with her. I was annoyed with Bai Zi Hua and his straight face and wishy washy when it came to Hua Qian Gu.

Yes, Bone did a horrible thing but for a good reason. I wonder what everyone would've done for Bai Zi Hua if they knew he was dying. Everyone thinks so highly of him and keep the balance in the world. Yes, I agree she should be punished, but the amount of punishment she got was pretty harsh considering she saved their savoir. Just saying.

Sure Bai Zi Hua's philosophy was changing slowly. He cared for his little Bones. He took her part of  punishment as his own. He healed her after. He evening sent a creature to save her in the wastelands.  He doth protest too much when it comes to his feelings for Bones. He totally has feelings for her and the water of emotions is proof of this.

I know there are a few people who hated the ending with Bai Zi Hua killing her one minute, wanting to die with her the next, and confessing he can't live without her. I found the scene very powerful in the moment. This was what made the drama for me.

I love seeing Bones pissed and tried. Remember she is his calamity. She's to be his greatest adversity. She's the one to test his morals. In Bai Zi Hua's mind, loving Bones is wrong and therefore is against his belief. Yet, his heart can't help but love her. She goats Bai Zi Hua into killing her which is irony as he couldn't kill her at the beginning of the drama, but could at the end.

Yes, Bai Zi Hua embraced the idea of gray being in the world. That everything wasn't just right or wrong. He finally admitted he couldn't live without his Bone. I was happy with how Bones survives. I know most are upset her memories are gone, but I think it's for the better. There's a chance they could return, but for Bones to heal she can't be depressed with love and hatred. I love when Bai Zi Hua explains this time around he will be whatever she wants his to be for her. This time she gets to defined their relationship. Teacher, lover, friend, or whatever. The point here is he's embraced his calamity and accepted the challenge to his morals. 


That's all the drama's I've been watching lately. I will try to keep you all update on anything interesting or not. Until next time, watch more dramas.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dear Answer Me 1988

I’ve started this letter multiple times. I just wasn’t sure on how I should start this letter and I’m still unsure so bare with me here.

First, I want to thank you for doing something new with family and neighborhood love. The neighborhood was a core center for this drama. I loved every minute I spend with each family. It’s a different time when a community of neighborhoods cooks, lived, and loved like this one did. I’ve said this over and over the course of 20 episodes how I wanted to be apart of this neighborhood and the feeling still hasn’t changed.

The trio of ahjumma Mom’s we’re a delight to watch every week. I love the friendship of these women. It isn’t often women in dramaland are not vindictive towards one another. These women displayed what true friendship is all about. I could watch a drama with just these three. Make no mistake the ahjussi Dad’s we’re just as terrific as their counterparts. These men shared their tears and worries about their family, jobs, and life. Great Dad’s are able to ask for help and to let others see their fears. 

In 1997 & 1994, most of the families had tragedies with death of their child/sibling and parents. A death of a parent is still a main focus on two of our characters, but the story takes a break from replaying the dead child/sibling card. Instead, family love is a main focus for our core cast of characters which I admire this attention. 

 I see myself in the relationships with many of these characters with their family. However, it’s the love and adoration Jung Hwan as towards his mom and brother which tugged on my heartstrings. He’s such a romantic at heart despite what his friends may say. His dreams are his brothers. All his life he’s wanted to allow his sick brother to live through him from being a soccer player to a fighter pilot. It’s a beautiful look at brotherly love and I’m thankful to you, drama, for this relationship.
He such a quite and brooding character, but he sees more than people realize. He’s able to figure out how to put a smile on his mom’s face. The moment Jung Hwan wrote his mom’s name on her passport or giving her a wedding she never had, just endears me to him. This relationship at first seems like a rocky one, but I find him more charming and devoted than Sun Woo is to his mom.

This part of the letter will not be as nice and praising as the first part. Make no mistake; I really enjoyed watching Answer Me 1988. However, I have a tad problem with some areas of the drama. I’m trying really hard not to rant at you, but I’m afraid it’s probably going to happen anyway. 

The hour and forty minutes average for these episodes are super long. I understand you have a huge cast compare to 1997, yet you stuff flat jokes and unnecessary set up. Long doesn’t mean the drama will be better. Good directing and editing is the key to keeping focus on the narration. Oh and lose the goat. You’ve lost the touch of the humorist goat sound. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the older actors portraying the younger kids. Those jokes work by the way. Yet in your quest to keep the husband a mystery you failed to develop Deok Sun as a whole character. There is something flat and missing from the character. Parts of her, I can relate to being a middle child myself and the child who’ll drop everything to take care of my family, but her friendship with the boys seemed to have missed something. I can’t say if it’s the acting or part of not being able to live inside her head. I just feel this group was never as close as 1997 nor 1994. 

I don’t understand her emotions in most of the series. She starts with a crush on Sun Woo to be rejected. She comes to learn Jung Hwan may have a crush on her and get’s proof when he tells her not to go on the blind date. However, this girl who reads romance novels and likes the idea of being in love won’t throw caution to the wind and put herself out there and confess first? She tries for a brief moment getting up early to go meet Jung Hwan on the bus. It could’ve been the shirt and the misunderstanding, but I just don’t understand. When Deok Sun is passionate about something, she’s loud. Yet, I feel like I missed out on her figuring out was it Taek or Jung Hwan she had learned to love. 

Jung Hwan’s crush had more visual meat verse what we’ve seen from Taek. He saves her on the bus, he saves her in the rain, and he got her the pink mittens she wanted for Christmas. It’s so wonderful to see the goofy grin on his face when she walks in. Yes, Taek and Jung Hwan, both knew the other liked her, and I get he stepped to the side for his friendship. It just pains me to see him confess years later, and you drama, just treats it like it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not just the joke confession, but the fact five years late he’s still in love and his lets it go without trying. I get it makes for good drama, but it doesn’t feel like its playing fair to the audience nor the character. If he’s giving up his one-sided love for his friendship, don’t throw his crush away like trash. He deserves to be treated better as a character for his sacrifice. 

Would I been on the moon to see Jung Hwan with Deok Sun. Yes, but not because I think Deok Sun should pick him. I just want to see Jung Hwan have something which is truly his and to see the more romantic and goofy side of him. However, Taek is the husband and that’s that. I’m not going to debate the clues or the facts why Jung Hwan should have ended up the husband.

The one thing about 1997 and 1994, the adult scenes had a purpose. It was a reunion for the group to go down memory lane. You failed to deliver on these adult scenes. I liked the idea of it being an interview, but I wish there was more to those sit downs to talk about the present day and the group. How are all the parents? What is everyone up too? Did Deok Sun ever find a dream? 

Maybe the real reason I’m super annoyed with you is the lack of closure. Deok Sun/Taek and Bo Ro/Sun Woo got their happily ever after, but what about Dong Ryong or Jung Hwan?  With all the other “could be husbands” or crushes in the Answer Me series, there was a special someone out there they ended up with. Once again, Jung Hwan get throw away for such a beloved character. 

You Drama are not my beloved 1997 with the lightening caught in a bottle. There was something magical about 1997. You Drama feel more like 1994, but a much better flesh out in the theme. I did enjoy you despite the long narration sand your lack of closure to the ending. I think what I’m getting at is I don’t want to go on another husband mystery ever again when you because you just don’t play fair to the losing party anymore. 

I guess with I’m saying is, we’re over. This relationship we have is an abusive one. I trusted you, but now your words mean nothing to me, because your actions spoke the truth. Just because Drama you can’t see my scars doesn’t mean I don’t have any. I’m standing up and taking back my life. 


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ajavilla: 2015 Roundup


A drama with action, mystery, humor, romance, and heart. Healer reminded me I have to kiss a lot of toads until I get my Prince.  Totally worth kissing all those toads to get my bad ass ninja.

Kill Me, Heal Me:

A whimsical look at DID which will enthrall you with Ji Sung’s remarkable performances of 7 different characters. A refreshing use of humorous gimmicks which will have you pee-your-pants laughing. The drama doesn’t get bogged down by boardroom antics nor the deep scared depressing  moments. The OTP have amazing chemistry. The OST enhances the depth and emotions of the characters. Think United States of Tara with a kdrama twist.

Hyde, Jekyll, and I:

The concept is thought provoking with big ambitions, but not enough to help the snail slow pacing, missed opportunities, and the drama’s wishy washy with characters and plot themes. There’s only one reason I stayed for this mess of a drama, I’m looking at you Hyun Bin. You’re lucky I still love you to death. 

A very pretty looking segeuk which tried to make an epic political drama with plot twist, intrigue, and a little romance on the side. As I said, it tries, but never hits intriguing on the political front and the romance is very reserved on one hand and creepy stalkerish on the other. 

Angry Mom:

Look out there’s a Momma Bear out to protect her club from the big bads. The drama takes a grim look into the world of school bullies with a sinister look into the corruption of the education system.  A dark sense of humor is weaved into the story, but is woefully lost during the second half for a more solemn tone. Notwithstanding the drama has a terrific cast and a solid story from start to finish. Plus it also has a Noona Romance and I will continue to ship it.

Divorce Lawyers in Love:

Delightful, endearing, and down right adorable is just a few words to describe this drama. The story is a simple set up of fluffy divorce cases, but it’s the A storyline woven into the case of the week which will hook you.  The drama isn’t over flashy with it’s drama tropes which is a plus. The romance is sweet, the second male lead is fascinating, and I could revisit these characters again in their new situations.  Come on drama gods, bring on season 2.


A coming of age story with a lot of rom-com. The drama had a bold beginning  with it’s mockumentary filming however took a different approach soon after the start. The change never hurt the core story of the drama, but it’s noticeable with it’s look and feel.  Over all, it’s an interesting and engaging drama. The writing is smart and witty with it’s use of using industry metaphors with lessons each character were facing. Kim Soo Hyun is hands down the winner of this drama as the socialty awkward newbie PD. The only downfall the drama has was the ever going lovelines. Playing with emotions is okay, but making your viewers frustrated and angry is not cool drama.

School 2015 – Who are You:

Bullies, twins, and young love oh my. School 2015 brings a more dramatic slice-of-life with its intriguing set up of swapping fate and mystery.  The drama starts off in a dark place as one twin is bullied to try to kill herself while her sister is keeping dangerous secrets. It isn’t only the twins dealing with difficulties as the girls’ classmates are also dealing with their own hidden secrets and problems.  The lovelines was never an issue as I see these characters as children who’s hearts will change multiple times before growing into adults.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend: 

This is a drama which wears its heart on its sleeve. The leads are adorable, the office stuff dull and skipable, but over all an enjoyable and charming drama. I took away from the drama that being unfortunate isn’t such a bad thing if your boyfriend is as hot as No Min Woo and so who cares what others think. 

Shine or Go Crazy:

Long ago in a far off dramaland of Goryeo, writers created a stupid prophecy about a Prince who would bring a river of blood and two princesses born from the energy of the North Star. These two princess’would lead our hero and the nation from the darkness to the light. No actually, it gets really dumb when you understand how the whole thing turns out. Jang Hyuk does his over the top acting, only it’s the quiet moments he delivers which will pull on your heartstrings. Oh Yeon Seo is adorably sweet and fun during the first half, but later gets boggled down with lame politics. Lee Ha Nui had a hard job being the third wheel to the OTP, but she was a strong and powerful character. She played the game of politics better than the males. The ending is bittersweet with the dumbest way to show how the OTP can be together.

Orange Marmalade:

A universe where vampires and human somewhat co-exist. A teenage boy falls in love with his classmate who happens to be a vampire. A confusing storytelling with the first and last half taking place in the present while the second half switches to Joseon period. The characters get a chance to develop into better people throughout the series. However, it’s the drama’s message at the heart of the story. These young kids accept people who are different and not to be afraid of it. Being unique or special should be celebrated and not hidden. I miss these kids, but I will always have the memories to think back fondly about the summer of 2015.

I Remember You/ Hello Monster:

The drama takes a different approach to your normal Kdrama crime by trying to understand the philosophical question of what makes a serial killer. The drama gives us a better insight on these “villainous” characters making it hard to not feel horror and sympathy towards them. The cast put a lot of depth and feeling to each character, including your guest actors. The music was pretty spot on enriching the storytelling.  It’s ashame the lack of attention the drama didn’t receive because a season 2 should happen.  Come on drama gods … make this happen.


The Virtual Bride:

Free feel to skip the Monsters-n-Laws and most of the other family problems. It isn’t until the end of the drama, those scene are watchable.  The OTP is the shinning light in the darkness. I found them super cute and enjoyable as they became more enchanted with each other. It isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen, nor will it make you any smarter either.

The Scholar Who Walks the Night:

A fusion Joseon-era vampire romance with tons of cheese. This was really the Lee Jun Ki show with his ability to accept the ridiculous and act the heck out of it. Lee Soo Hyun gets a call out too for his villainous vampire, which could have come off as cheap. Instead, these two were able to make me believe this world of vampires. Changmin was charming and I agree he should only do sageuk dramas. (I saw the horrible Paradise Ranch). Kim So Eun held her own when the drama finally gave her something to do in the later half. Lee Yubi sadly got the short end of the stick which is no fault of her own. It’s a shame the way the drama wrote her character. The biggest downfall was the 20 episodes which the drama could have tightened everything up into 16 episodes.  Yet, it was a fun and magical adventure of romance.

Falling For Innocence / Falling in Love with Soon Jung:

A humorous, heartfelt, & alluring drama. A story about a ruthless businessman and his chance at living a long life with a heart transplant. Yes, it’s sounds like it should be full of KDrama tropes all up in this story, but it is and it isn’t. Jung Kyung Ho is the break out performance. There something charming to see him turn from hardass businessman to a marshmellow man in love. It’s not surprising I fell head over heals in love with him. The relationship with the OTP starts off odd, but it’s the progression of the feelings these two develop over the course of the series which pulls your heartstrings.

Cheer Up / Sassy Go Go:

Sweet and cute pretty much sums up this drama.  However, I still don’t understand why a cheerleading squard needed to be created. The girl had money and brains which pretty much is all you need to get into an Ivy League University. Lastly, I hate you drama for having a prefect love triangle. I will not choice between them. You can’t make me!!!!

Twenty Again:
You’re never too old to start the road to self-discovery. I enjoyed the adventure of this series. No Ra and Hyun Seok can get frustrating with their choices, but there is something charismatic about their characters you can’t help but forgive them.  You root for No Ra and hope she get to have all the things she wasn’t able to have or enjoy the last 20 years.  Delightful Highlights include: Lee Sang Yoon’s dimples and the childish bickering of the OTP.

She Was Pretty:

Meh.  Take it or leave it. Not overly impressed with the storyline. The chemistry between Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon was better when they were Brother and Sister which speaks for a bit of the writing. Siwon was magnetic on screen with his goofy antics, but I loved his character during those quiet moments towards the end of the series. The notable aspect of the drama was the bond of friendship between the females which is a rare animal in dramaland. Brownie points for this profound friendship. 

Warm and Cozy:

This drama never really hits the fast and witty narratives nor the unforgettable and quirky characters of the Hong Sisters previous dramas. It’s suppose to be a twist on an old fable, but instead the drama comes across as a series of advertisement for vacationing on Jeju Island. Maybe the Hong Sister should take their own advise for a little R&R and go on vacation. As for the cast, they deserves a do over with a better story. Anyone with me?

The Girl Who Sees Smells:

An delightful and fun drama with cartoonish police work. I ended up falling behind while it was currently airing which wasn’t any fault to the drama. It’s the adorable couple with their cute and endearing antic which had me marathoning the last half of the drama. The performance by Namgoong Min as our evil bad guy was down right creepy and wonderful. Why does he have to be an evil serial killer? Darn you drama for giving him a new calling. 

Six Flying Dragons, Oh My Venus, and Answer Me 1988 were not included in this Roundup. As all these dramas hasn't ended, I don't want to review it until the drama has finished it's story. I will do a special Roundup for those dramas.