Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 6: Stop Forest Fires

To do or not to do the right thing?
Shin is truly growing as a character. When we first saw him, he couldn’t keep his tongue and think before saying. He has come a long way from dropping a bad word here and there to telling a young kid to not do it. The writer has made me fall for Shin with his growth. I can see why both Mi Rae’s may have fallen for Shin. Sure the other timeline Shin may not have grown-up but within this timeline we see him becoming closer to his co-workers, holding his tongue, standing up for others, and becoming a hero slowly in my heart. This is a true sign of good writing. Let’s keep it up.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Slash fiction by the fans or for the band?

K-Pop fan can be really crazy. Did you hear about EXO’s fans showing up at a members brother’s wedding? Despite the crazy fans, the other percentages of fans are really a creative bunch. These fans will make home-made MVs, artwork, blogs, and fanfiction.

Fanfiction is fan writing of a favorite drama, actor/actress, a movie, comic and so on. These fans write a story which could continue an ending of a TV show or book when the story has ending by the original author.  If you are a fan of K-Pop, you probably at some point have found a fanfiction story about said K-Pop group.

Everyone know slash fiction is out there for massive fans to read. Heck, You’re Beautiful had a scene in the drama of Jeremy reading Slash Fiction. Answer Me 1997 didn’t shy away from the weird things fans will do including Shi Won writing fanfiction of her favorite group H.O.T. For crying out loud, she became a writer due to her Slash Fiction. 

Monstar on the other hand gave a reason why fans write what they do. Seol Chan Oppa tells Eun Ha to stop writing the slash fanfics. Eun Ha explains the thought of their oppa idols dating each other is less heart breaking to a fan than if it was another girl. It is a little crushing to find out the guy you like is with someone else. Yet on the other hand, it isn’t like these Oppas is the boy next door who just doesn’t notice you. 

With that being said, are the fans really to blame for these slash fanfics? Sure it is disturbing to the idol. However, when the idol does performances like in the gifs in this blog I am not surprised fans get creative by writing these boys together. It is about perception. In my opinion, seeing a performance like this is down right hot. I perceptive these two must be really close to perform with easy. For non K-Pop fans, they might ask if these two are gay and together. 

 Sure there are groups that don’t do performances like the gifs but still have fans write slash fanfic. Than maybe Eun Ha from Monstar has a point. Maybe this is as close a fan will get to their Oppa.What do you think?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 5: The beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Why pick one when I can date both?
Mi Rae figures why I should have to pick one to date when you can date both and figure out feelings. That is the point of dating is to figure out if these feelings could grow and maybe not. I like how she isn’t jumping on the wagon and saying yep have to go with this guy because of me telling me not to pick the other one. I hope there are tons of dates with Shin and Se Joo. I hope this drama really puts a spin on which Mi Rae should be with. Typically, we the viewers know she is going to end up with the lead, but is he the right choice for her? A jerk with a heart of gold … is normally how they make amends for the evil doings they did at the beginning. I want some kisses and hugs and happy times but I want a little more from the drama when it comes to the triangle love story. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Twitter Review Monday

Does Fate have a sick twisted sense of humor by making you be reborn with the same three people over and over again? Or this is a good case where you can blame your parents for the choices they decided for you and are now stuck being reborn with the same three people over and over again?  I guess it is true Fate and Parents are a pain in the butt.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Heirs Episode 6: Do you pick the Red Pill or the Blue Pill

The truth between friends
Chan Young knew Eun Sang was staying at Tan’s place. Once he knew that Tan was back he could have hinted it at her. Heck, it probably would have been a good idea to say something before. Chan Young didn’t know Tan was saying in Korea, but did you not see the looks Tan were giving your BFF? I mean they were HOT. Sure it isn’t going to change her home situation but it probably wouldn’t have hurt to find out her BFF knew.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heirs Episode 5: Welcome to Wonderland

Secret Identities

Tan found out in the last episode Eun Sang has been living in the same house as well kind of a maid. Her mom happens to be the maid in the house. I am glad he found out first. It shows what kind of person he is going to be if he tells her. He now understands why she hates the Jeguk Group but really it is Tan’s mother she truly hates. The way she treats her employees is just distasteful. Of course, we don’t see Tan in the room when she is being at her meanest. But I wonder if he would have stopped his mother from her naughty ways before he knew who the maid’s daughter was. 

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 4: Destiny is a Fixed Point in Time ... or not

Fate must meet Fate

Se Joo may not have fallen in love with Yoo Kyung but they seem to bump into each other. Just like Mi Rae and Shin meeting with another car accident our second leads must meet “alone”.  The bar scene was pretty comical. We the viewers know he is an undercover boss but Yoo Kyung doesn’t know anything. Which make the whole scene amusing when she goes to pay for his very expensive drinks.  Ha, the look on her face is just priceless. Her aegyo went out the door pretty fast when she found out how much those drinks were. Who knew there was a person under her fake mask? Which leads me to …

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 3: That's the trouble with time travel, you can never remember ...

Mi Rae is fighting tooth and nail for herself ... 

Mi Rae is a delightful character. Each episode she continues to be charming, sweet, and very much adorable. Thank you drama for showing Mi Rae to take a stand and to love herself. I can’t wait to see how this character grows with each episode. She may not believe everything her Ajumma self has said but I think deep down she knows the Ajumma is trying to help her out. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Twitter Review Monday

                           Dr. Champ:
 The Olympic version of House without the pill popping Dr. Grumpy Pants who is placed in the Olympic Training Facility; add a doctor with no sport medicine training, an Olympic judo hopeful, and a swim coach who is the Head Doctor's ex. Are you sure those are tic tacs?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

To Binge Watch or Not to Binge Watch

Korean TV is laid out with anywhere from 16 to 100 plus episodes. It depends on if the drama is a normal miniseries to a weekend family series. A second season is a rare commodity in dramaland. Think along the lines of reading a book. A beginning, middle, and hoping if all goes well a decent ending will be given to the viewers. Each week viewers are given two episodes. By the time you get to the last episode, the story of these characters are done and over with. The story has ended. All the conflicts are laid to rest, the villains have been defeated, and the main couple gets their HEA ending.  With the end of the drama, viewers start looking at the next round of dramas or go on a hunt for older dramas.

Do marathons of dramas make the stories better? Are we more forgiving to the drama for the outrageous plots, over the top acting, and poor choices of directing? Or do we still expect all bells and whistles of a well rounded drama? 

It was about a year after I started watching Asian dramas for me to follow a drama currently airing in Korea. It took so long for me to watch something current due to all the catch up I had to make. Binge watching Boys to Coffee Prince to Secret Garden, I just couldn’t see past the catalog of completed dramas to watch anything currently airing. Heartstrings was the first drama that I was interested in watching live. This was probably due to finishing You’re Beautiful. After finding out who the leads where, the drama sold me to take the time to watch it every week live. 

I wasn’t overly thrilled with the over all product. The drama had its moments. A shame the drama wasn’t more yet it filled the holes I was looking for my drama need. There were lots of fluff but nothing to keep you deeply satisfy. Heartstring was a fun summer candy drama. Yet, I ponder if I would have found this drama more gratify if I had waited to watch the drama in one sitting?
Switch to Nail Shop Paris, I just binge watched this drama just a bit ago and found the drama to be a bunch of wacky fun. Nail Shop Paris is pretty absurd and odd. Nails is about a young writer who needs some help in coming up with a new story. She comes across a mysterious man who happens to work at a Nail Shop. The female lead tends to write nothing but gumihos stories due to an accident in her past with one? 

The drama is a mixed of a normal drama setting mixed with some supernatural elements. Frankly speaking, I am not sure if this was the writer’s true intentions. Nevertheless, I wholly adored the zaniness of the drama. If you get past the outlandishness of the drama, there are scenes which are not poorly written. I am not certain I would have enjoyed Nails if I had watched it live. 

Answer Me 1997, I binge watched 10 episodes which doesn’t count as watching live. I have to agree Answer Me started to lose it wits towards the end, but it still was a rock-solid show. I Hear Your Voice is another drama I walked into after binge watching the first 10 episodes. I had my doubts at the time if the drama would be to my taste. It wasn’t until I heard Dramabeans podcast, I gave the show a try. I can’t say I regret waiting to start the drama. I concur Voice had tons of heart but the courtroom was more than a joke. The courtroom was fun and entertaining, but not to be taken seriously. But did I like the dramas more since I binge watched the first part and didn’t have to wait for the new episodes? Did this change my view on the whole out come of the drama?

Kings 2 Hearts, for me, was the first drama which was over all a pretty solid drama I watch from episode 1 to the end. Kings had the moments where I wanted to bang my head against something (i.e. most of the English. Some actors were better than others), but I gave it to the writer for incorporating English. The English wasn’t horrible; in fact, it was used correctly instead for the sake of just putting it in.  English in dramas is for another day to talk about. Kings was probably the first non-binge drama which hit all the things a drama should be. Was this show just really well written and produced? 

I just binge watched Ten and it was fantastic. But was it good because I could decided to watch all the episodes when I wanted too? I guess it just depends on if the drama is interesting enough for me to want to watch it. I have started a drama and stopped due to lack of keeping my attention.  Of course, I am watching like a million things currently airing right now. Heirs, Dare, Secret, Housekeeper, Fire Goddess are just a few to name. Answer Me 1994 has just started and I feel the need to catch up. I can’t remember the most live dramas I watched at a time. I can tell you my DVR isn’t going to be happy with me added more dramas to watch. Not to mention, I still have season 2 of Ten I need to finish binge watching. 

What is my point? Are there dramas that should be binge watched or not? Is it better to watch it currently airing? It is nice to be able to watch what you want when you want. Of course, you miss out on being able to talk to others about the drama that ended like 4 weeks ago because those people are busy living in the lives of the new dramas. Sadly, the drama which ended 4 weeks ago is now just a memory to those people. Than again, there is always someone new to Dramaland and we must make sure we open our arms out to them. 

Do you binge watch dramas or do you watch them live?