The Twitter Poster is a little something about the movie trying to fit within the 140 character space restrictions of a Twitter Poster. Some of these will post will be over the know character limit.

49 Days

49 days to get three tears from 3 different people who love you. Can I pass on this game as I know it will end in tragedy? I want to play either Ghost or Dead Like Me. I have two options
      A) I either get to haunt those evil people and die
      B) Become a grim reaper and continue to haunt them in this crappy life
Hmm ... I quit on all games, where is that darn elevator?

Answer Me 1997
Dear 1997,
Thanks for the jaunt down memory lane. You brought back 1997 with its sweet and humorous moments, the heartache, the friendships and the first loves. Are you sure you weren't reading my diary?
                                                                Sincerely Tiara

Answer Me 1994

Dear 1994,
I wished this jaunt down memory lane wasn’t a long and bumpy ride. You lost the nostalgia and pizazz of the 90s with your long winded entries and single minded mystery. Even though, I will look fondly at Shincheon Boardinghouse and know I will always be apart of this fusion family.
Sincerely, Tiara

Arang and the Magistrate

An amnesia female ghost and an "I can see dead people" nobleman cross paths and begin to put the puzzle pieces of their past and present together. Add the Twin Gods of Heaven and Hell; Grim Reapers, a goat, a bet, fairies of heaven; servants and a semi-shaman are just a few pieces in this long mystery. Next time I am betting to lose and win an Emperor from Heaven …  

Birdie Buddy

Well crap who knew golf could be so interesting? Next to Happy Gilmore this is my go to choice to watch golf. Kudos goes out to the Drama for not putting me to sleep by delivering a nice, warm, and endearing drama with a heart of gold.


Boys Over Flowers
4 Gorgeous Chaebols  … You had me at 4 and Gorgeous. Where and how do I register for Shinhwa High School? Going to that school would be  … “ALMOST PARADISE”.

 Coffee Prince

A good cup of coffee to start your day should have:
1. A Prince or Princes
2. Misunderstandings about your gender
3. Confusions from your love about their sexuality
4. Confessions from your love that he loves you no matter if you’re a man or an alien.
If that doesn't work,  I guess it is a cup of Black Coffee at the Coffee Prince Shop 
Dr. Champ 

The Olympic version of House without the pill popping Dr. Grumpy Pants who is placed in the Olympic Training Facility; add a doctor with no sport medicine training, an Olympic judo hopeful, and a swim coach who is the Head Doctor's ex. Are you sure those are tic tacs?

 Dong Yi

In this lengthy sageuk drama you’ll follow a bright slave girl who becomes a royal concubine. Sit for hours as you watch people sitting and plotting to be evil when they are bad at it, a king who actually has power over his ministers, more sitting around and plotting, nicely dress woman, and a King acting like a school boy towards the girl he likes. Dong Yi is a charming gem regardless of how dumb the villains maybe.

How to make "You've Fallen for Me" Sandwich -
Spread across the bread your musical talents and pretty players.
Than add fluffy cotton candy for the sweetness and some Swiss cheese for those plot holes.
A delightful sweet lunch for those lazy summers.


A boastful egotistical Shampoo Drama as the characters wash, rinse and repeat episode plot points. The motto of the Drama should be changed to “He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight of the most mediocre Drama of 2013”.  At least the Drama left “ Jumping the Shark” moment to Gu Family Book.

Marry Him if You Dare

If you could tell your past self something, what would you say? To take MHIYD with a grain of salt as there is no choice and an ambiguous ending. 

Mop Girl
 Little Angels is now hiring with the following requirements:
1.   Can you handle blood?
2.   Can you handle dead people?
3.   Can you handle mopping/cleaning up a crime scene?
4.   Can you go back in time to try to fix problems?
If you have answered yes to all these questions, please fill out an application today.


Does Fate have a sick twisted sense of humor by making you be reborn with the same three people over and over again? Or this is a good case where you can blame your parents for the choices they decided for you and are now stuck being reborn with the same three people over and over again?  I guess it is true Fate and Parents are a pain in the butt.

 Secret Investigation Record

Cooking lesson of the day
Add 1cup of X-Files and The Twilight Zone.
Mix the batter with 1quart of history. 
Than bake for 45 minutes and you get Secret Investigation 

Shining Inheritance

 A not so new twist on the Cinderella Story. Shining Inheritance brings us a poor girl who was actually rich minutes before she became poor, a nasty stepmother, a sweet fairy granny, a stepsister with a no back bone and lots of guilt, a hot and charming restaurant owner, and the spoiler rich and annoying prince. Forget the Prince, can I have the restaurant owner instead?


Sungkyunkwan Scandal

The Flower Boys of Sungkyunwan University in a fusion sageuk world with a mixture of Yentl and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night to cover your gender-bendy shenanigans. To try to get you to forget the pretty and all the bromance a little political intrigue is thrown in the middle of this test. Will you be able to pass?


Went to a Figure Skating competition and saw a bunch of long programs with no Triple or any real point. Went to the Hockey Game got an epic battle with blood, sweat, and maybe some missing teeth and lots of passion to win the game. I'm sticking to the Hockey Game next time. 

To the Beautiful You

A SM music video where their artist characters are stuck in a pretty lighted room with 360 degree cameras and no real plot. Beautiful is a bunch of air with no real dept in explaining why any of it artists, I mean characters make the choices they make. The only thing missing from this flashy music video are those annoying ads you can't delete off the screen.