Friday, December 12, 2014

Pinocchio Episodes 9-10: Angel

I’m not sure where to start on this week’s episodes. These two episodes took a decent punch and ran the story along nicely. Dal Po is in a pickle on how to keep In Ha and his brother safe. His brother has had a difficult time. He lost his whole family because of the stories the reporters put forth. It’s also how Cha Ok took his emotional state and twisted it for her own use to tell an impactful story. Hyung’s  bitterness and need for revenge has consumed him. He’s become a monster because of his terrible circumstance. I can’t help but sense a slight connection to Min Joon Gook from I Hear Your Voice.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Viewers Pick: Drama of 2014

Alright Observers and fans, it's your turn to pick the drama of 2014. What was your favorite drama of the year? Who should get the award for best of 2014? Vote for you favorite below and let others know why your drama should win for 2014.

Drama of 2014
Prime Minister & I
Big Man
The Full Sun
Trot Lovers
Discovery of Love
Tomorrow Cantabile
Beautiful Man
Inspiring Generation
Golden Cross
Gunman in Joseon
Iron Man/Blade Man
High School - Love On
Wonderful Days
Empress Ki
Night Watchman's Journal
Pride and Prejudice
Miss Korea
Cunning Single Lady
A New Leaf
Fated to Love You
Come! Jang Bo Ri
The Spring Day of My Life
Golden Rainbow
Hotel King
God's Gift - 14 Days
Doctor Stranger
Secret Door
You Who Came From the Stars
3 Days
You're All Surrounded
It's Okay, It's Love
My Lovely Girl
Angel Eyes
Endless Love
I Need Romance 3
A Witch's Love
High Schooler King of Life
My Secret Hotel
Liar Game
Let's Eat
Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team
Surplus Princess
Emergency Couple
Gap Dong
Marriage, Not Dating
Plus Nine Boys
The Three Musketeers
Bride of the Century
Bad Guys
God's Quiz 4
Secret Love Affair
Poll Maker

2014 Good and Bad Level: Trot Lovers