Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Okay, That's Love - First Thoughts

I didn't think this drama would be any good. The trailers didn't hold my interest and the plot also did sound like my cup of tea. I had some time to read the recap over at Dramabeans and man it sounded nothing like the trailer or plot. Who knew a bunch of crazy adults running around like they're normal would be interesting? There is a fresh feel to the drama. It is more adult in the sense they talk about relationships, sex, and other problems in a more real setting.

I read somewhere someone said this has a Coffee Prince vibe and I have to agree. There is a edgy feel. Whoever was in their market team should be fired. In fact, the market team did the drama a disservice for the horrible marketing. I won't be following it episode by day but I may troll the crap out it with updates.