Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bulletin Report: Where I'm at with Dramas

Oh My Venus:

A Fan Service KDrama, but I'm not complaining. The chemistry between these two was down right hot. I was pleasantly surprised with how the drama handled the weight issue. It's wasn't preaching to starve yourself nor was it trying to say being thin was beautiful. Young Ho wanted to help Joo Eun become healthy. Joo Eun decided to work and listen to him because her health issues were related to her being over weight. In the end, she lost the weight in a natural and safe way and her health improved. 

The second leads were forget about however Joon Sung and Ji Woong were lovable. The ending with Young Ho leaving to heal was disappointing. The drama would've had a strong story narrative and OTP if Joo Eun could have been allowed into his recovery. 

It's worth checking out if your looking for a feel good drama. 

Answer Me 1988:

I think it's safe to say everyone knows my feelings on this and will not speak of this drama again.

Cheese In the Trap:

I was late to the game with this drama. I marathoned the first 8 episodes. I could see why the web comic was popular and why fans were very worry about the cast. The drama was done pretty well in those first few episodes. Of course, talking about Cheese you can't discuss this without talking about the behind the scene drama.

 You can tell when the episode starts to shift focus from Jung to In Ho. This shift in narration was very noticeable and it hurt the drama big time. The drama kept reinforcing how dark and twisted Jung without really driving deep into his narrated until the last episode. Moments which could had shed light on the reasoning behind Jung's actions toward people was instead used to support In Ho's hatred towards him. It's like the production team started to believe in In Ho's hate towards Jung until the fans pointed out their wrong. Sure the fans were right in pointing out the flaws of the drama, but the production team got the last word by flipping the bird to the fans.

Jung and Seol broke up because someone really wanted to piss people off. No really, I don't understand why these two couldn't have taken the time to talk and work things out. Oh wait, it's because the drama wasted all it's time hanging out with In Ho. All that time could have been used for Jung and Seol. The worst part is three years later and there is still no closure. It's fine if Jung understand his way of thinking was wrong and wanting to better himself. I also like how In Ho and In Ha finally understood the mistakes they made. These were all great parts of the narrate. The whole point was the relationship between Jung and Seol. The struggle and conflict isn't something to fix because it's been wasted away with other thing.

Last part to this rant, I swear is the flashback to happy times. WTF drama. If you want to leave thing open ended will they or won't they, do not include a flashback. Thanks anyways for the bird.

Should you watch it? It's a well done drama despite the BTS drama and weird choices it made. Just don't get your hopes up for the ending.

Six Flying Dragons:

I'm been ruined for historical KDramas for good. I loved Tree With Deep Roots, but for different reasons. Dragons is more action, but boy does it keep you on the edge of your seat. When you think you're bored by the on going story, that's when the drama surprises you with this weeks episode's ending. The character's are interesting and complex and towards the end of the drama there is no villain as our Dragons face off between each other. It's a sad turn of events, but one's you knew was going to happen. The OST is amazing and enhances the mood and look of the scenes. The fight scenes are outstanding and the look of drama is stunningly gorgeous.

 Whatever you are doing, stop and go start this drama. Yes it's 50 episodes, but it's worth it. Now, I got to go watch Tree With Deep Roots to see how everything connects.

One More Happy Ending:

I was surprised with a few things in this drama. First, I loved the friendship of these women. Most KDramas tend to follow the catty trope of woman. It was very refreshing to see the love and support these women had for one another. The chemistry for our leads was fantastic and made me want to throw my laptop a few times with the lack of them not being together. The drama started out not being ashamed of the adult themes it was telling. It was nice seeing these themes talked about, but it seems the drama became shy towards the end of the drama.

This drama is about friendships and relationships. It's worth the time to watch it.

Chronicle of Life:

It's been awhile since I've watched a Chinese Drama. I'm a sucker for historical ones. I think it's the costumes. They're so pretty. I came across this drama on chance. Boy, this drama is gorgeous. It has a Bu Bu Jing Xin look to it and a bit of the feeling. It may not live up to my favorite drama ever, but it did keep me hitting the next episode button. Hawick Lau is dreamy as Emperor Kang Xi. I can't say I'm surprised by the ending. It's a CDrama and I've only seen a few which ended in happier times.

Love Me If You Dare:

This drama totally gave me I Remember You vibes. I love psycho thrillers with a bit of romance. I was told about this little drama from a fan of the blog. (So sorry I can't remember your name) Thank you for letting me know about this gem. This would have been a good one to meme throughout the drama, but I was so suck into the story it became a lost cause to try and meme the whole drama. This is my first drama with Wallace Huo and he's amazing. He pulls off creepy and charming at the same time really well. I'm scared and in love with him at the same time. The narrative of the drama was a mystery which kept me guessing until the very end. I'm very impressed over all with this drama.

The English actors aren't the greatest, but I'm happy with the choice of the drama just letting everyone speak their own tongue. Sometimes it's harder to believe the characters are fluent in another language when they speak it. With all the build up towards the end of the drama, I've got my fingers crossed for a second season.

Perfect Couple:

I went on a Wallace Huo drama kick after Love Me If You Dare. Yuan Bao is a horrible detective and Simon would be rolling in his grave if he was born yet. The drama is super cheesy, but I love seeing the funny side of Wallace. Yuan Bao is a better character when he's funny than as the straight man. The drama is WAY too long but it was a enjoyed to watch.

The Journey of Flower:

My last drama with Wallace Huo. I know about The Imperial Doctress, but I'm waiting. Mostly, I'm not happy Wallace and Cecilia not being the OTP.  Anyhoo this drama is a fantasy historical drama and the special effect aren't very good, but if you can over look the cheesy the story isn't so bad. The story isn't winning an Oscar, but I think the reason I liked it so much is because of the ending.

*Spoilers*  Don't read unless you want to know

Bai Zi Hua is a god who's lived for a long time. He doesn't see shades of gray only black or white. In his case, it's right or wrong. Not to mention, he's kind of emotionless. Hua Qian Gu (Bone) is super sweet and an innocent. I can understand why people get annoyed with her character along the way, but for me I was okay with her. I was annoyed with Bai Zi Hua and his straight face and wishy washy when it came to Hua Qian Gu.

Yes, Bone did a horrible thing but for a good reason. I wonder what everyone would've done for Bai Zi Hua if they knew he was dying. Everyone thinks so highly of him and keep the balance in the world. Yes, I agree she should be punished, but the amount of punishment she got was pretty harsh considering she saved their savoir. Just saying.

Sure Bai Zi Hua's philosophy was changing slowly. He cared for his little Bones. He took her part of  punishment as his own. He healed her after. He evening sent a creature to save her in the wastelands.  He doth protest too much when it comes to his feelings for Bones. He totally has feelings for her and the water of emotions is proof of this.

I know there are a few people who hated the ending with Bai Zi Hua killing her one minute, wanting to die with her the next, and confessing he can't live without her. I found the scene very powerful in the moment. This was what made the drama for me.

I love seeing Bones pissed and tried. Remember she is his calamity. She's to be his greatest adversity. She's the one to test his morals. In Bai Zi Hua's mind, loving Bones is wrong and therefore is against his belief. Yet, his heart can't help but love her. She goats Bai Zi Hua into killing her which is irony as he couldn't kill her at the beginning of the drama, but could at the end.

Yes, Bai Zi Hua embraced the idea of gray being in the world. That everything wasn't just right or wrong. He finally admitted he couldn't live without his Bone. I was happy with how Bones survives. I know most are upset her memories are gone, but I think it's for the better. There's a chance they could return, but for Bones to heal she can't be depressed with love and hatred. I love when Bai Zi Hua explains this time around he will be whatever she wants his to be for her. This time she gets to defined their relationship. Teacher, lover, friend, or whatever. The point here is he's embraced his calamity and accepted the challenge to his morals. 


That's all the drama's I've been watching lately. I will try to keep you all update on anything interesting or not. Until next time, watch more dramas.