Monday, August 18, 2014

The Night Watchman's Journal Episode 3-4: My Serenade


The bad: 

I'm not one to hate on child actors. Surprisingly enough, I find the child actors in KDramas are better than their adult version or the adults. The kid playing young Rin isn't just bad it is horrendous. He looks around like a deer caught in the headlights. Then he cries and I can't be sure what the heck if it is noises or words coming out of his mouth. Bad choice of casting for this kid.

Kim Sung Oh needs to tone down the villain. He is interesting as a character of Sadam when he is acting softly and quiet towards the King (Ki San). When he is with his lackeys, he over acts. It really painful to watch is head move side to side with his slow speak. Yes, he is a villain, but stop acting like a cartoon mustache twirling one. 

Not enough of the three ghosts. Personally, I want more scenes with the ghost. I'm a bit sad when they are only in a small portion of the episode. Fingers cross these three get an episode to be fully immersed into the story

The good:

King Ki San kind is stealing the drama. I can't tell if he is being haunted by real ghosts or the demons he created by all the evil deeds he has done to become king. The character is complex and compelling to watch. The dude has an imaginary twin he talks too. If this isn't crazy, I don't know what is. Yet, we know ghosts are not something to forget. They are very much real in this world. This makes it much more significant in trying to figure out if he is just mad crazy or is he really being haunted by ghosts? 

My bias is Jung II Woo. I watched Golden Rainbow for him. The first two episodes made me want to rethink watching the drama, but thank goodness grown adult Rin showed up in episode 3. Adult Rin is a playboy. I don't mind him being a playboy. I just hope he puts on his Batman suit to say Gotham soon. There is a complex character inside of him much like Bruce Wayne comes across. He just hasn't gotten to the Batman side of the character who will fight for the injustice of his people. He plays goofy to not come across as a threat to his brother the King. I can't wait till he gets the courage to become the King he is suppose to be.

OMG!!! These ghosts are my favorite hands down. They are pulling double duty by bringing humor and a seriousness about the show. We know who the two men are in their life as humans, but I'm curious on who the little girl was and how she relates to our Rin. Here is a child actor who can deliver her lines. If they can cast this girl correctly, whoever cast young Rin should be hit. Love the little girl and can't wait to see where the drama plans to have these ghosts help their Prince.

The in-between: 

I'm not sure about Do Ha. I like the idea of the character, but I haven't been sold on her.  Do Ha is young and innocent but I like how she won't take crap from people. Flipping Rin over her shoulder was priceless. I love how strong the character is shaping up to be. We know she also sees ghosts and I wonder if she has the Shaman powers her sister has. She is going to be the tool which brings the Night Watchman back from the grave and end up married to Rin. Remember her destiny isn't with the tribe. I smell her being the true Queen after all is said and done. You mark my words.

 It is funny how the men complex and well developed, but the ladies haven't gotten a chance to get to that level. Sure, we've had more time spent with the men, but we have seen both Do Ha and Soo Ryun as little girls. Speaking of Soo Ryun, she needs to let Rin go. If she hasn't been married to him yet, move on already. I do question Soo Ryun's feelings for Rin. Are they like her father the Prime Minister or are they genuine? Tell will tell, but I get the feeling she might take a walk on the darkside.

Poor Moo Seok is probably going to land into friendzone with Do Ha. Couldn't the drama go a different route than the normal second lead not getting the girl? Why can't he just become best of friends with Rin and find a girl outside the small circle of girls? I mean Rin needs a bromance. I'm down with serious face Moo Seok and playboy Rin being the greatest of friends. I do worry because it seems he is friendly with King Ki San. 

Sang Heon is alive, but what does this mean? Why isn't he trying to protect our true King? What has happened to him? I get he might be hiding, but I just feel so bad for him and in not being able to have a father-son relationship. I mean this guy was besties with Rin's father. Come on drama, more on our favorite watchman.