Friday, October 3, 2014

Iron Man/Blade Man: Go Crazy

This drama is just down right weird but in a good way. I've read the first episode doesn't do the drama justice for a first episode. For me, I found it funny. I really enjoyed the zaniness. I've just finished the first episode, but this is going on my list of dramas I going to continue to watch. Don't get me wrong the first episode isn't coherent, but there was enough pieces of introduction I was able to understand to find some enjoyment out of the first episode.

Maybe it is Secretary Go or it could be the deadpan Hong Bin which I found interesting. There is a humor underneath the surface along with a comic book style which is appealing. I may not know the whys Hong Bin can become Blade Storm with his dog nose, but isn't this the mystery.

I haven't watched a lot of dramas with Lee Dong Wook. I love him to pieces in Roommate and as MC for Strong Heart. I tried getting into Hotel King, but the first episode bored me to tears. I really like him in this drama a lot. He isn't over the top with his craziness as Jang Hyuk's character in Fated to Love You (Korean version).

Hong Bin is an interesting character with his mutant like abilities and his temper. He reminds me a little bit like the Beast in the Beauty and the Beast. Much like Master's Sun's use of touch, the drama will do the same with the enhanced smell. A trope to show to the viewers these two are meant to be together since she smells so good.

Either way, it's going on my list for dramas.