Monday, October 13, 2014

The Night Watchman's Journal Episode 19 & 20: Monster

How I would fix The Night Watchman's Journal

Why is this drama over 16 episodes? This drama was given way to many episodes which allowed it to be a pile of crap. This isn't just plain dumb fun like Nail Shop Pairs or Blade Man (Iron Man). There is no director or good storytelling at any point in this drama. Not to mention, the bait and switch with the description before the drama aired. Making this drama have 16 episodes would have constricted the stupid bit out and maybe tighten the story up.

How would I fix the drama, mythology and rules would be the first place to fix the drama. This could've been told to us along with the characters. Having the viewers and the characters go through the experiences builds this connected relationship with said characters as well as understanding the workings of the world.

The Night Watchman's Journal should be the tool used to explain the world. The rules in this drama have been wishy washy or added as an after thought. The Journal should be used much like the Book of Shadows from the TV show Charmed. The Book of Shadows was a magical tome with not only spells, incantations, potions, but it also contains information on several beings from the magical community (Demons, Warlocks and so on). This drama is named after the journal and it failed to work it into the drama. Making the journal be more involved in the drama would be another area to fix this messed up drama.

Sadam as a villain isn't horribly bad, but it would make him more evil to not have him in every episode. Good villains are the ones you worry what they are up too or doing evil from the shadows.

Letting the heroes win. Part of the reason why it's also hard to watch this drama is when your heroes can't seems to win a small battle. Sure they've one against the Bringer of Smallpox but they have lost every battle from than. For crying out loud, they can't seem to find the item to bring down Sadam. They've tried to stab him and burn him and none of those things keep the dude from coming back to life. I'm find making your villain super powerful to a point, but evening Superman has weakness (magic and kryptonite). Where is Sadam's and how would our Night Watchmen find it since there is no means to find it. I would be find if Sadam would be weaken enough to be killed on the night he awakens his dragon. It gives purpose and hope our heroes could win.

I really hate the whole storyline of the King going possessed because Yeon Ha "supposedly" being in love with him. First, I don't buy. Second, it's a little lame. Instead it should've just been Sadam being able to reach the King through Yeon Ha. Her spirit should have been corrupted by the brand. The drama could've made it seem she was a wicked witch who caused it, but in fact was a victim like everyone else. 

Also, I would've have the bracelet be the reason why the King was possessed. If he still had the bracelet, the spell wouldn't have worked. In all stories, love is the most power spell why not play on it here. As for Yeon Ha and her corrupted spirit, Do Ha would've saved her with the power of love and free her spirit to finally be at peace and rest.

I'm okay with the Prime Minister being the second villain. It helps to add a balance of supernatural and realism. The problem with him is not picking a side. He tells a young Ki San to whisper untrue things to his father, but when the boy becomes King he sides with Rin. This doesn't make any sense. Also, I understand killing the King as he was crazy, but what was the point of the Queen? I would fix his character by having him stay on the side of Ki San. The Prime Minister would rise Ki San as his puppet. Of course, Ki San wouldn't know the difference. Also, he wants his daughter to become Queen and he would be in-law to his puppet.

The reason why the Prime Minister can't become in-law to his puppet King is his daughter Soo Ryun being in love with Rin. I'm totally fine with her being in love with Rin until she gets stuck in prison. Her father did a lot of make it look like Rin didn't care. She should've been a woman scorn. I wanted her to go after Rin and her father. I wanted to see a political woman come out of her. Gain her power and slowly go after those who wronged her.

The Night Watchmen should have survived. Maybe not all of them, but enough of them should have lived. They should have gone into Rin's guards/household. Rin should have been taught about his gifts and duty to be a Night Watchman. Be much like Batman, playboy by day and ghost haunter by night.

Do Ha is supposedly a shaman who knows nothing. She comes across as just plain stupid. She can see ghosts and has the bell bracelet. She should know more about powers and what not giving she is a shaman.

The romance between Rin and Do Ha, spend more time on this. The drama did well at showing the "I don't like" you moments and haven't done much on the "I really like you" ones. Give the epic sage of love between these two. Don't rush over it. Or don't put in a romance.

Moo Seok hasn't been a favorite with his stick to the rules, but he isn't a bad written character over all. I guess more bromance.

The three ghosts, I love them and they hadn't been used very often until of late. If I could change things, I would've made the three ghosts in Rin's camp to begin with. Not all things need to be shown at first. Seeing Rin pretending not to see the ghosts was unnecessary and the drama spent why to much time on it. Make they apart of the group and be done with it.

Letting the answers of the mystery be answered as the story goes on. The drama is still holding out on not answering why Ki San became King instead of Rin, who Rang true self is, and so on. Granted it is safe to say, we know who Rang is but the drama hasn't touched on it.

Ki San has been an interesting character with his double self. Keep the double self, but give us some hints on where his mind truly is. It comes across as something supernatural, but as time went by it has to be his mind making a second him. Sadly, the drama isn't showing this. On another note, the Prime Minister should have over take the throne episodes ago as this King is crazier than his father.

Sang Heon being given a second chance is all super cool. Of course, why is he given a second chance is still a mystery. I know he was told to live as a human, but why is he given the chance. What is the point of him coming back? He hadn't change his life and lived. He lived like a ghost again until Rin. Also, it took episodes until these two got together. Screw that! If I could fix this, he would've been with Rin along teaching his the ways of the Night Watchman.

Some episodes are better than others, but this far into the drama I can't wait till it ends. I will be sad to leave Unnichan, my partner at Dramafever for this drama club, but I will not miss this mess of a drama. The next 4 episodes can't change my mind on how terrible this drama is.