Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me: Thoughts

Four episodes into the drama and I'm loving every minute of it. Yes, it sounds weird on paper about a guy who has multiple personalities. However, it has a charm which reminds me of United States of Tara. This was a Showtime series about a wife and mother who is diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder). When stressed, Tara changes into her personalities from a teenage, 1950s housewife, male beer drinking Vietnam Vet and so later in the series. The great part of USoT was the mixture of comedy and drama. It was funny to watch Tara be a man or a teenager, but it puts a stress on her family with her actions while her personalities took over.

KM,HM has a similar feel as USoT. Do Hyun is to take over his family's business as a third generation chaebol. Due to a childhood trauma, he's developed six personalities. The GI is an eyeliner bad boy whom we have seen beating people up, likes tattoos, and has fallen head over heels for Rin Jin (more on her in a little bit). The next we've seen is Perry. He likes making bombs and wants a boat with his name on it. Yo Sub was mentioned when threaten Dr. Seok by Se Gi. It seems he's a young boy who's interested in suicide. A new personality of Nana has been created, but the character is new to us as to Do Hyun.

The Drama makes the changing of personalities very whimsical and supernatural. It could come across as cheesy, but it does a decent job of making it seem logical. It adds a bit of dramatic effect by seeing his "change" into this new person. Of course, the drama hasn't got into depth on DID and I get the feeling the drama will end the drama with a HEA with him being cured. I think I'm more interested in finding out how the drama plans wrap up its story.

 Speaking of the story, we know Do Hyun keeps seeing a room with broken toys and a person blocking the doorway of the room. This must be part of the trauma of his youth. The room could be his childhood bedroom or it could be a room, he was left in while being kidnapped. Nothing has been said about him being kidnapped while he was young, but his mom and his granny are being hush-hush about the past. What we do know is a string of tragedies in his family. Chairman and daughter-n-law killed in a car crash. The Chairman's son is killed in a house fire, but Do Hyun is saved. Now Do Hyun is the successor of Seungjin Group.

The man from the past could be said kidnapper, but I'm going to say it's dear old Daddy. I fear Do Hyun's dad wasn't much of a dad and more of an abuser. Talking about Granny, she mentions to her grandson, he is to blame for his father's condition. Hmm, seems daddy dearest didn't die in the fire. It seems the man his mother has been looking for happens to be Do Hyun's father who has been in a coma all these years. The mom and granny did mention about being worried over Do Hyun recovering his memories. This family really is a f**ked up family.

Which leads us to Rin Jin and how she fits into the story. She's a first year psychiatry resident who can throw a good judo move. Somehow her rough treatment of Do Hyun was able to call out Se Gi. He tells Rin Jin to remember 1/7/2015, 10pm at the time he fell for her. What is great about Rin Jin is her inner monologue asking herself the drama troupes we're already thinking. In truth, she may have been unsettled over Se Gis intense glaze and confession, but she had secretly been interesting. The look of disappointment on her face when Do Hyun walks by and doesn't notice her. Heartbreaking to see her trying to not be interesting and then being rejected. Love does hurt.

We know Rin Jin has a twin brother, Rin On. It seems like her family is keeping a secret from her as we saw her mom getting mad at the vegetable guy for saying she doesn't like anyone in the family. Also Rin On seems to have an obsession over the tragedy of the Seungjin Group family. Sure, he's a mysterious famous writer, but his board of details is pretty in depth. Plus big bro apologizes for his lies and mutters it's better for her not to recover those memories. Granted, Rin Jin never heard this, but it's helping us uncover the mystery. Talking about memories, she has a dream of jumping on a trampoline with a young boy. She can't make out the face of the young boy, but he transforms into Se Gi who asks her again "Can we play now?" 

I think it's safe to assume Rin Jin knew Do Hyun when they were young. Both seem to have had a traumatic event to leave them without memories. I can't wait to peel the layers off this mystery to understand the motives for Se Gi considering he is the one who moved Do Hyun back to Korea. 
Going back to Rin On, Rin Jin's brother, I think he cares for his sister, but I don't see the so called second lead love. They come across more with sibling love, but this is only episode 4 and didn't start thinking about Rin Jin and Rin On not being siblings. I do what to mention Rin Jin's parents. They are so adorable and protective of their daughter. I want more moments with the family as they're so much fun. 

Part of the reason the drama is hitting all my buttons, Rin Jin's character being a strong willed, smart, and wacky. She's able to pick up how weird each meeting with Do Hyun have been. She comes to figuring out he has DID, but I love the compassion she feels for him. She worries over him being alone and fighting to keep himself sane. He has no family or friends to help him. There's something about a bad boy Se Gi which made me love him, but Do Hyun has something special I can't put my finger on which is charming. Is it wrong to have fallen for both?

Ji Sung is selling his DID personalities. The way he looks, moves, and speak is so different of one another. Mad props to him for being able to pull off three different characters so far. This drama is letting his display his acting chops and he's nailing it so far. I'm excited to see him as the 6 year Nana.   

Lastly, the first song on the OST is fantastic. I've been listening to it non-stop for days now. Just as good now as it was the first time hearing it.

If you haven't given the drama a chance, get started now. I'm surprised by how many great dramas are out. I feel like I don't have time to watch them all.

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