Friday, February 27, 2015

Hyde, Jekyll, and I .... thoughts

I’ve been putting off on my commenting on Hyde, Jekyll, and I for weeks. I have a bias for Hyun Bin. Hearing the news about his first drama back, I was sold. The plot of the drama seemed interesting with the idea of DID and a mix between the story of Hyde/Jekyll.  Since the drama is at its halfway point, I guess I can’t hold off on my thoughts. Here goes … 

Goo Seo Jin played by Hyun Bin is our main lead with DID. The problem I have with Seo Jin as a character is how violent his character comes across towards  Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min). I’m not sure who’s idea it was to have the character be abusive to show the difference between Seo Jin and his DID counterpart, Robin. It was unnecessary to make him be physically violent as away to make a point about Seo Jin being a cold-hearted bastard who thinks only of himself. Which is why I’ve been turned off by his character. It’s hard to root for him when he physically pushes Ha Na or any female.

As the story has gotten into the meat of things, it’s explained why Robin saves people and Seo Jin pushes people away. As a little boy, Seo Jin and his friend, Soo Hyun (Sung Joon) were kidnapped from Wonderland over 20 years ago. Only one of the boys were able to get away and the other was left. Seo Jin forced his friend to let go of his hand, which later caused him to create Robin. He is the one with the personality who saves lives. This helps me understand Seo Jin a bit better as a character towards his physical behavior at the beginning of the drama. However, I’m still a little salty over how Seo Jin was first portrayed. 

Which leads me to Robin and Ha Na or Seo Jin and Ha Na … Does the drama know which I’m suppose to ship? I know Robin and Seo Jin are the same person, but broken to protect himself from the pain of his past. Seo Jin understands this, but neither Robin nor Ha Na are on the same wave link. I’m actually feeling a little sorry for Seo Jin as the odd man out as he’s the original identity. Has Ha Na made her choice between the two? She clearly has fallen for Robin, but she cares for Seo Jin. It’s understandable for her to be confused and conflicted. I know I am. 

Speaking of Ha Na, I’m still on the fence. Her character started off with some strength, but that strength seems to have been sucked out along with the slowness of the plot (more on that later). She faced off with a gorilla, but can’t side step Seo Jin’s physical force? She doesn’t have to be Wonder Woman, but I’ve would’ve liked her to call him on his behavior. Enforcing his violent behavior by not telling him is not helping Seo Jin own up to his problems.

Yoon Tae Joo or Soo Hyun (Sung Joon) being the villain was a nice twist. I can’t say I’m surprised by the turn of events, but I’m very happy at the turn of them. I’d wonder if Sung Joon was going to be put off nicely to the side of the good Doctor trying to help Seo Jin and the police find Doctor Kang. Good to see the second lead not wasted as the lackey who doesn’t get the girl. He’s angry at Seo Jin for leaving him behind. Sure, it’s horrible Seo Jin forced his friend away to escape, but these were young boys in a terrible situation. Tae Joon clearly needs help, but won’t get it as he thinks he knows all. With his skill to put the characters under hypnosis, makes me nervous. I just hope Seo Jin can figure out the good Doctor is not so good to do battle against him. This time he will be able to save not only himself, Robin, and Ha Na, but Soo Hyun. 

These episodes the past two weeks have finally made me look forward to the next episode. Sadly, the drama has not lived up to my expectations. First, the pacing of the beginning half dragged way longer than it should’ve.  The set up of the characters didn’t make me like nor care for any of them. I also feel the drama much like Seo Jin, it takes itself way too seriously. I want a little humor, cuteness, and most of all heart. I’m starting to see the heart, but the drama has taken way too long to get to it. I’m not sure if it’s too late. The Hyde and Jekyll have yet to be played with as a plot line, but it’s only the first half done. There’s more story to be told about Seo Jin’s DID and to connect the dots on the Hyde and Jekyll. 

I probably shouldn’t hold my breathe, but I’m holding out hope. I want another drama to add to my list of being able to take a piece of my heart with it when it ends. Fingers are crossed the second half can bring a grin to my face and make my heart beat fast. Until next time, watch more dramas.