Wednesday, September 9, 2015

KDrama endings: Marry Him If You Dare

In fair tales the concept of a good ending is when good triumphs over evil and the rest “lived happily ever after”.  As viewers, we always want our dramas to end with the hero saving the day, the villain punished, and the romantic leads riding off into the sunset. Not all dramas end up the way we fans would’ve wanted. 

This is a new series to talk about the ending of a drama either good or bad. I warn you all of spoilers. If you want to watch the drama, stop reading now. If you want to know if the drama is worth your time, continue on. If you've watch the drama, I'm sorry or yay!!!

The first drama I'm going to talk about is Marry Him If You Dare (aka Mi Rae's Choice).

The drama ends with the characters 3 years later. Mi Rae is a bestselling author, Yoo Kyung headlines her own show as MC, Shin is still battling NTN, but has his own radio journalism show, Se Joo arrives back in Korea possibly to take over the family business, and Oppa got married with his second kid on the way. 
The ending has Mi Rae leaves the bookstore when she suddenly stops, turns, and smiles. Epilogue shows Ahjumma Mi Rae digging up a chest full of pictures of a handsome young man to a younger Mi Rae and toddler. A male’s hand clasps over Ahjumma’s hand holding the old picture. 

The question the drama never explains is whom did Mi Rae pick, Shin or Se Joo? Ahjumma Mi Rae broke the rules and escape to the past in hopes of changing the future. However, the jump to the past never changed her present future. The time line split off Ahjumma’s future to an unknown future choice. The close up ending with Mi Rae smiling isn’t enough closure as the drama can be translated to Mi Rae’s Choice and no choice was ever made. It isn’t surprising viewers were confused and irritated by this choice of ending. 

 It's still a drama today I'm the most annoyed with. Going back and forth with the two males was fun at first, but the drama itself couldn't pick which one it wanted to be with. Not to mention the whole point of the drama was to see Mi Rae make a choice about her future husband. An open ending isn't a bad thing if the drama calls upon one but this drama was not one to leave it open for fans to put the pieces together. 

A happily ever after isn't what I was after as dramaland has told me being married is just the beginning to a long life of loving and fighting. I just would've like to know who the darn man Mi Rae ended up loving and fighting with for the next 50+ years. Not to much to ask for ....