Saturday, April 5, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 20: Oh My Prince

On this episode of Emergency Couple:

Sleeping with your ex, stepping on others toes, going back to the states, someone needs to figure out what they want, and the chance at another start.

I still don’t understand how Chang Min and Jin Hee were screaming at each other in the morning. It isn’t like this is the first time they have woken up next to each other. Yes the first in six years but really why scream bloody murder? There was no need and it wasn’t humorous. I did enjoy Jin Hee thinking dirty thoughts when Chang Min asked for a towel. Ha!!! 

 These two are finally in a good place to start again. They have both gotten a chance to see from the others point of view during their marriage. Both Chang Min and Jin Hee have accepted they are both to blame for their marriage. It also helps Chang Min’s mom will FINALLY live her own life. The scene with Jin Hee and Chang Min’s mom was actually sweet. We all knew Chang Min’s Mom wasn’t going to apologize for how she treated Jin Hee, but she gave her blessing to Jin Hee she wouldn’t interfere. She in so little words told Jin Hee to live her life. She at first wants Jin Hee to get away from the bad of her and her son but I think she knows Jin Hee still has feelings for her son. I don’t think Chang Min’s mom would be happy with anyone in the end, but since her husband’s death she is turning over a new leaf.

I enjoyed the sweetness of Chang Min and Jin Hee dating. I hope this time around they take their own advice to Jin Hee’s sister and her husband. No relationship will be sunshine and rainbows. Chang Min and Jin Hee will love and fight. If they get their second chance, I just hope they learn how to make up from their fights instead of letting it build and build until they exposed to the point of no return. 

Why are the writers still trying to put Chun Soo and Jin Hee together? The Chief lost his moment when he let Jin Hee get on the bus. I hope the writers are playing with us in thinking Chun Soo is going to Jin Hee. I hope he was taking the bus to Ji Hye. Sorry for Team Chief but his ship with Jin Hee has sailed and went down in the ocean. I really feel bad for Ji Hye to the point I don’t think the Chun Soo should get the girl. He needs to be on hands and knees begging for her. Ji Hye has stood on the side lines waiting and waiting. She really needed to tell him the truth like in her daydream.

I am a bit worry the ending is going to just be dumb and open ended. Drama Gods, do not and I repeat DO NOT give me a piece of crap drama ending of “Lie to Me” and Marry Him if You Dare”. Yes there was a happy ending in “Lie to Me” but getting to the happy was down right stupid and made no sense. Don’t evening get me started on the HATE I feel for “Marry Him if You Dare” ending. If you want to know my feelings go read the episode-meme for the last episode. I want what the drama is promising me, a drama about second chances between Chang Min and Jin Hee. I really don’t want another drama to disappoint me again. Please Drama Gods don’t let me down.

The Sum Up:

“Maybe sometimes love needs a second chance because it wasn’t ready the first time around.”