Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Golden Rainbow: Good-bye Baby

Episode 40 to 41 will be spoiler in this post. You have been warned!!!

Grandma dying in episode 40 - 

I knew grandma was going to die. I was just surprised it happen later than I thought. I am happy grandma got the chance to know her granddaughter a bit, but also to make peace with her daughter-n-law. Really the monster she kept in her house was the reason her son died not the woman. Plus, grandma did get the last laugh by tricking the Monster.

Seo Jin Ki losing everything -

I was wondering how Baek Won and Do Young were going to stop him. Once again I was surprised neither of them thought to record his evil words. Heck why didn't they put their own bug with video in grandma's room or his office? Either way the take down was nice and a win for our team.

Man Won accepting Hwa Ran - 

I really like Hwa Ran. Yes, she is the dumb blonde, but she has heart and clearing likes Man Won. She doesn't care he has a dark past. She still likes Man Won when she figures out he has feelings for Baek Won. Man Won didn't have as big of a role as I was hoping he would have. He was clearly put into "brother/friend"zone and never allowed to leave. Despite being put in the corner for Baek Won's love, I was hoping to see him because a strong man not only for Baek Won and his family, but for himself. I am happy he got least got a girl who adores him and a little one on the way. A happy ending to a character which was left behind.

Do Young and Baek Won's day and almost wedding -

The heart of this show for me was Do Young and Baek Won. Sure we all wanted Baek Won to find Young Won, find her real family, and so on. Yet it was Do Young and Baek Won being together which were the glue that  held this crazy show together. Do Young's flirting with Baek Won hooked me into a show which had spent over 10 episodes on their young teenage lives which were okay but getting boring. The young love they were denied had a second chance. Of course, Do Young left he couldn't prove his father's evil deeds and went undercover to the dark side.

For a show, I was surprised with some of the directions they were heading until the last 10 episodes. Apparently, the Drama Gods didn't think there was enough hate, crying and revenge going on. Out with the cute lovely lovely couple ... BOO!!! I am not forgiving you for making Do Young become a Noble Idiot.

Do Young's russian roulette game -

Drama Gods what are you doing? At this point his dad only had his son left. Why Do Young thought his dad should get a second chance is beyond me. He killed people ... including a man he thought as his brother. Sure putting himself as bait good idea but Baek Won was let go and you still pulled the trigger ... ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?!?!?

I was more confused about this scene not was sad or felt it emotional. No fault of the actors since I found the scene lame. It wasn't the showdown of say City Hunter. That show did a better job of having son against father. This was sad only because he was being a Noble Idiot times a million. Really writers what were you thinking? Did someone put a bunch of ideas on a wall and throw a dart at it? 

The Ending -

This ended up with 41 episodes instead of the 50 it was suppose to have. I actually enjoyed this Drama way better than 100 Year Inheritance. If you want to know what NOT to do in a drama, watch that piece of crap.

The ending was very rushed trying to wrap up all the issues and problems within a 15 minute time frame. I wished a drama could include the drama of having dealt with the villain and working on dealing with what happens nows. It is nice to know in 3 years, Do Young gets better but was he okay with what he did? How did Baek Won deal with having a company and having someone hurt needed help all the time? Normal everyday problems would be nice to watch for a change. Heck, seeing what happens after the guy and girl gets together and defeat the evil monster would be interesting. The journey of how things come together is fun but what about the second part of the journey? The one after "they all lived Happily Ever After"?

Golden Rainbow was a fun ride and glad it is over .... on to the next ...