Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014 Good and Bad Level: Prime Minister & I

This drama is all about a marriage contract between Nam Da Jung (Yoona) and Kwon Yul (Lee Beom Soo) all due to a misunderstanding. I’m a sucker for characters being forced to live with one another. Making characters live together doesn’t allow the characters to run away from their feelings too long. It doesn’t take long before Da Jung and Yul are trying to understand their feelings for one another.

Despite the age gap between our two principals, the drama was able to create the romance convincing. The drama could’ve been overrun with tropes and stereotypes, yet it was able to incorporate these into the plot without it feeling and looking too silly. The drama tried to do something new in its premise of bringing together a new type of family one form from a lie. The contract of the lead’s marriage could also lead to Yool’s political downfall if word got out.

Surprisly, the drama made some interesting characters come to life by giving them believable human flaws. The second lead characters Kang In Ho (Yoon Si Yoon) and Seo Hye Joo (Chae Jeong An) didn’t take long to become the cliché of second leads. However, they were realistic and consistent to help move the plot forward unlike many dramas. The second half twist of the drama didn’t come out of left field and was alluded for us viewers knew what to expect. 

Sadly, the melodramatic twist changed the ambiance and the groundwork of the first half. The second half was aggravating to watch as plot holes and inconsistent characters took over. The melodrama sucked the life out of the warmth and human elements established. Those tropes and stereotypes were encouraged in the later half instead of sticking to the drama’s original formula of turning KDrama tropes on its ear.

One of my pet peeves in the KDrama industry is horrible endings. Has anyone never heard of an outline? One of the things I remember about writing is putting together an outline. An outline is the help ensure the writer to keep constancy  and stability of the story from beginning to end. The Prime Minister and I was decently structure with the characters and foreshadowing, yet the conflict was too much of a problem the writers didn’t know how to overcome. I bet those writers wished they had an outline.

The ending leads our couple to a being reunited to shake hands with one another. The drama teased us with skinship moments and proved age is but a number with the sizzling romance with no payoff for a warranted series. 

Goodness level: 50%
Badness level: 50%