Friday, November 21, 2014

Pinocchio Episode 1-4: I've Got No Strings

I debated on if I should give Pinocchio a chance. I really enjoyed Lee Jong Suk in I Hear Your Voice which made me want to try Doctor Strange a chance. I wasn’t too impressed with the comments coming out of the drama and stayed away from it. Also, Park Shin Hye is happens to be the lead in this drama. Heirs was a horrible mess from start to finish. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed Shin Hye in most of everything she has done. The problem with her as an actress is her lack of execution in any skinship relationship. Which I will talk about Shin Hye a little later. However, Pinocchio is by the same writer-director team of I Hear Your Voice. I can’t tell you all how much I really enjoyed that drama, plot holes and all. I loved it so much, I watched it again twice this year. 

Much like Voice, Pinocchio brings a fantasy element in the form of the case of hiccups when you lie. Only a few people in the world are known to have the “Pinocchio Syndrome”.  I’m a huge fan of the writer for being able to amplify the theme of the drama with these uses of fantasy (i.e. Hearing voices). The theme is all about lies and truth of the media. With 24 hours news channels, it is easy to to relate to how the media twists the news.


Dal Po is our main lead who has a tragic past. The poor family gets fingers pointed because the police can’t seem to find a body. Why didn’t any of the police look all around the grounds? The building blew up. This means things went flying away from said building. Also, where is the evidence of how the fire started? The police blindly accept the building manager’s statement. On top of this, a Pinocchio neighbor believes he saw Dal Po’s father walking in the street. The key word here “believes”. Sure, he can’t lie, however if he doesn’t believe it is a lie therefore he won’t hiccup. Witness statement accounts are flawed in most cases. Statements from witnesses are bad at remembering details. Also, in the good words of Dr. House, “Everybody lies.” Regardless if they know it is one.

Nevertheless, the media did a good job of helping the police believe they’ve done their job. In the eyes of our drama media, there is no evidence to contradict what the witnesses or building manager told police. IMO crappy police work, but hey, this is TV and will go with the flow. The main conflict has its holes, but it was able to play on my heart strings. A happy family torn apart by lies. A father dies trying to save people, a mother gives up her life, a brother runs away, and another has to live life with his family gone.

Dal Po may have been abandoned, yet was able to find a new family with Grandpa. He needed a father and Grandpa needed a son. A broken family, but a good one. The hierarchy of the family cracks me up. In Ha is the same age as Dal Po but has to call him uncle and her Dad having call him brother. I look forward to Dal Po being reunited with his brother, but I’m enjoying this oddball family. 

In Ha is our Pinocchio. Instead of letting this put her down, she decides to embrace her limitations. She is the Blunt Witch. Instead of becoming the social wallflower, she honest and frank with no remorse. It is refreshing of a role for Park Shin Hye. I hope she continues in the direction she is going as an actress not just this role but her next.

Dal Po and In Ha will have a romance. A one-side love, it feels like for both sides. Jong Suk is fantastic with this writer-director team. They play well to his strengths and weakness. I hope they can do the same for Shin Hye. Her biggest weakness as an actress is her not being able to make me believe her character’s skinship. Some of this is part her fault and part director. As a director, they should’ve directed her to be able to embrace her co-star. He or she is supposed to make the scene look natural of two people in love staring something special. When the romance takes off, we shall see if this director is able to help her. She is also partially at fault. If she has issues not wanting to be “close” with her co-star, she needs to rethink her projects. There is a difference of a part asking for the actress to kiss someone or take their clothes off. If she doesn’t want to get close to her co-stars like this, choice other acting projects where the leads are not romantic. If this isn’t the case, she should take the criticism and learn from it.

The drama is building some interesting conflict with Dal Po and In Ha not being on the same side of the argument. He has always been with her on everything until this debate. Sure, it wasn’t a cool move for him to out her as a Pinocchio. In Ha wasn’t evening mad at him for outing her. She came to figure out she is in love with him. Dal Po on the other hand got dealt with a horrible bit of news. His father was found at the site dead all these years. Everything the media said about his family all untrue. Which leads to his out lash at In Ha. She believes the lies and truth are black and white, while Dal Po understands lies and truth can be twisted. Their different logic will help keep the romance at bay for a time while they maybe work together.

I’m having a blast with the drama. It’s cute, fun, and has its moments to pull on my feelings. If you’re on the fence to watch, get off it and start. You won’t be disappointed.