Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Night Watchman's Journal Episode 23 & 24: Divine

It is no surprise, I really hated this drama.  I can forgive a lot in a drama. Sadly, this drama I couldn’t forgive. The drama was too big for its britches. The bait and switch didn’t help matters, but I would have forgiven the crappy everything if some fan service were given.  If the drama was more about the romance or the teamwork/friendship, I could have let go about the drama’s lack of plot, rules, and poor acting from most of the cast.

I didn’t like You Are All Surrounded for the writing, I forgive the drama for its poor writing on the romance and the rookies. These factors created the drama enjoyable to watch despite it being horribly bad in everything else. Gu Family Book had a great first two episodes, but lack direction. Yet, I enjoyed everything but the ending due to the romance. I still don’t think it’s a good drama, but I had fun watching it week to week. I can’t say the same for TNWJ.

It was painful to watch each episode. It was worse trying to talk about how bad the drama kept getting each week.  I felt like a broken record each week pointing out the faults of the drama. Given the flaws were the same each week. Trying to find something positive in the drama was hard. There were some good elements, but the drama never used the tools around it to tell a decent story. Since it wasn’t working to give fan service, it was only moving to keep on telling one horrible story. 

I know all you know how I felt with this drama and so I will leave it on my drama list one of the worst. Here's hoping the next one is much better.