Thursday, July 20, 2017

Princess Agents

It seems this year has produced a lot of interesting Chinese Dramas. It all started with Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Fingers crossed a local theatre  near me will show Once Upon a Time (the movie version) next month. It would be pretty sweet if it was in IMAX, but I'll just be happy with it in theatres. 

I had someone on my Tumblr page asked me to do some Princess Agents meme and thought why not. I don't think my memes will explain my frustration with this drama and thought why not write a bit about it. The drama is currently still airing and has about another week of episodes. 

Princess Agents is currently making waves, but it's not living up to the hype. The story is based off a book called 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. From my understanding, the book had elements which are banned for dramas. A lot of work had to go into the time travel change. I've heard the book is pretty good, but the rework of this drama makes me wonder the elements take out of the book is the reason why this drama is turning into a chaotic mess.

I warn you of spoilers ... Don't read more if you don't want to know.

During the time of Northern Wei, pretty much human life is worthless unless you are apart of the upper class. Chu Qiao is part of the slave class, but she has a mystery past she can't remember due to an accident which left her with amnesia. This secret birth of hers is by far one of the most frustrating part of watching the drama. If only Chu Qiao had focus on trying to find her lost memories, maybe I would like her character more. For the first 20 episodes, we got nothing but flash backs to her training until the story line wasn't important anymore.

Long story short, she is saved by Yuwen Yue, but is told it is Prince of Northern Yan, Yan Xun. Yuwen Yue takes Chu Qiao as his chambermaid (and is a complete gentleman by not sleeping with her). At first, he plans to use her for his own means, but he can't help falling in love with Xing're (the name he gives her). Meanwhile Yan Xun has a crush on Chu Qian, but it's put on hold while his whole family is murder by the King because rebellion.

Chu Qiao is able to leave Yuwen Yue, but can't kill him. Deep down inside of her, she kind of likes Yuwen Yue despite all the lying and multiplication. She stays with Yan Xun who has a hunger for revenge and blood. 

I have so many questions about Chu Qiao's thought process. Why isn't Chu Qiao upset with Yan Xun for betraying and leaving for dead his own men, cutting the arm of the Yuan Song (13th Prince of Wei), letting men rape Yuan Chun (Princess of Wei), and mostly being a horrible human being? She's upset with Yuwen Yue for being too heartless and cold, but darn Yan Xun just won the award for cold blooded killer of 2017. 

The King of Wei wants both her and Yan Xun dead or really dead, but she continues to follow Yan Xun blindly. I understand her want to help him for revenge for his wrongful families death, but he's become a ruthless killer who doesn't care if innocents are in his way to achieve his revenge. At one point, he hides from her because he doesn't want her to see him as such. I'm not saying Yuwen Yue is a good man either with the things he's done, but the second half of the drama he's done nothing but protect Chu Qiao and she is still nasty and cruel towards him. 

Liking Chu Qiao is very challenging because I don't think I like her anymore. I was rooting for her at the beginning, but somewhere I just didn't care anymore. She talks a big talk, but she can't be consistent. Heck, Xiao Ce (Crown Prince of Liang) asks her way she's choose the hard road to walk. For such a kill or be killed world, why hasn't Chu Qiao just say screw you all and go live in the countryside? 

I'm at the point, I want Yuan Chan to just go all darkside and become the General of the Wei army. Fingers cross she kills Yua Xun because she's got the right to be the one to push that sword into his heart. Chu Qiao is totally going to die and I'm find with it. Yuwen Yue will be crushed with her death, but he's lived once thinking she was dead and was able to still live. 

I wished the drama would've Chu Qiao trying to find information about her past. The story of a mystery past is much more interesting as it seems she was a very powerful person who was hidden for some unknown reason. If her past had her connected to Northern Yan, it would be understandable for Chu Qiao to stay with Yan Xun as he killed innocent people and alley himself with horrible people. 

The drama thinks it has an epic romance on it's hands, but really it's not. Sure, we know Chu Qiao deep down likes Yuwen Yue, but she will never admit it to herself let alone him. On the surface, it is a oneside crush on Yuwen Yue's part. If those two actually got together and had to be separated because her true identity, that is an epic romance. Loving someone so much, but you are two separate sides of the battle. I'm all in for that. 

So you must be asking yourself, why is she still watching this? That is a good question and probably because I kept hoping for better each episodes and found myself to enjoying the chaotic mess of a drama. I've gone this far and might as well watch everyone die at the end, right? 

My evaluation scale of:
Love It 
It was Good
It was Awful
Hate it 

I score Princess Agents a Meh. It's probably because I just don't care for the characters as they are all a bunch of idiots, but I do enjoy the behind the scenes.