Sunday, July 23, 2017

Zombies to Busan, all a board

This meme came true. Gong Yoo's reaction in Goblin watching his own movie Train to Busan was pretty much me the whole film. I have a friend who can back me up on this one. I'm not a horror fan and most of the Korean horror or thriller films scare the crap out of me. I'm considered a jumper who will jump at the smallest noise.

I've had this on my list since I saw the trailer because it looked good despite my fear of horror. However, I finally got down to watching the film.

The film has a interesting take on the zombie set up. These zombies are trying to feed but it looks like just to infect as many people as possible. They don't seem to die easy either. I liked the twist of blindness or if they can't see you, they won't come after you. Why did no one thought to take out their eyes or heck put something over their heads? I mean it would be worth a shot.

I have questions. Why was no one on the train trying to get the zombies off the train? Heck, why didn't they just open those doors in the sections of zombies to allow them to be dumb and walk out of the train? Maybe I've just thought about what I would do in case of a zombie attack.

The cast is pretty great. Seok Woo (Goog Yoo) is workaholic fund manager who's a pretty terrible father. Gong Yoo is not playing a funny charming character we've seen in Dramaland. He's a selfish man who only thinks about himself. This is clear as he gives his daughter another Wii for her birthday. Soo An is a sweet and caring child. She just wants to see her mom for her birthday. The young actress Kim Su An is adorable in the role.

Seong Kyeong (Jung Yu Mi) and Sang Hwa (Ma Dong Seok) play a married couple who have a child on the way. I love how caring these two are towards people. The interaction between them and Soo An about their unborn child is a sweet moment before chaos happens. Sang Hwa is my favorite character in the film. He is the true hero in this film for sure.

Yong Guk (Choi Woo Shik) as the young baseball player and his friend Jin Hee (Ahn So Hee) were also great. When Yong Guk had to fight his way through the section with his zombie friend, I about choked up with tears. The section holding Ji Hee while her best friend was at the door again just pulled at my heartstrings.

Kim Eui Sung known as the artist and Dad in W plays a terrible rich CEO who is just terrible. I hated him so much when he wouldn't allow the other characters to safety get in the train section. It's understandable about his fears for staying alive, but if those in the train allowed them in the other Granny wouldn't have opened the door to kill them all.

Between yelling at the TV to open doors and allow the zombies to jump off and the hiding behind a pillow or my phone, there was a lot of heart in this film. The film knew how to pull on my heartstrings and it did so often. Like when Sang Hwa holding the door or Seok Woo saying goodbye to his daughter and knowing the day she was born was the happiest of his memories. The part he fell off the train to save Soo An and Seong Kyeong just broke my heart.

I was surprised the film didn't have the sniper killing them at the end. I really thought the film would end with not a little bit of hope. The moment Soo An got to sing the song she wanted to sing for her dad is the best ending you could have hoped for when the world went to hell.

 Evaluation: Love it
I probably won't watch it again because my heart won't take it, but I did enjoy it a lot.