Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Weekly Round Up: The Eternal Love

I enjoy the simpleness of the drama. This is not a drama you need to think about it too hard for sure. However, we are getting to end of the road for out leads. Xiao Tan is willing to die for Lian Cheng to live past 25. Grandma Dowager Queen is totally on board to kill Xiao Tan. The Crown Prince has been over taken by the villains and brain washed.

The good guys win, but at the cost of Tan Er and the Crown Prince dying. Peace has been brought back to the country. I'm a little hurt the next two years is fast forward and Xiao Tan's pregnancy is a small issue. It also makes me sadden that these two can't be parents because of Xiao Tan's powers. I get the drama isn't going to be deep nor is it a long drama, but darn I was hoping for some cute family time too. You know it the calm before the storm before it destroys all the happiness away.

There's still the big showdown with the big evil and we still need to figure out what the bed, the flute, and the orb all means.