Thursday, August 3, 2017

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up on this week's dramas.

Princess Agents: It ended as I expected it to end, messy and disappointing. I do believe characters have grown from the beginning, but the plot just doesn't feel like it has done anything. Spies, War, hate, and love but to what end. Chu Qiao's memory lost should have been a drive for her character. It would have put a focus on a plot point. Instead, it was teased to death at the beginning. abandoned quickly halfway through, but was the closing point at the very end. Sorry but this is horrible storytelling. I've heard this is suppose to be a set-up season and it truly was a chaotic and disorganized drama, set or not. It's not surprising to hear Zanillia Zhao doesn't wish to come back for a second season for which I can't blame her.


The Eternal Love: This was a drama which came out of no where and boy do I like it. It seems like a simple story of a force marriage between the OTP, but it's really not. Qu Tan Er was in love with King's oldest son Mo Yi Haui, but she's only the second daughter of her family and from a concubine. Which is how she's force to marry Mo Lian Cheng, the 8th Prince. Tan Er tries to commit suicide only to wake up with Xiao Tan's spirit taking up residence in her body.

Xiao Tan is from modern era who is spirited, loud, and takes crap from no one. Where Tan Er is shy, quiet, and a very traditional woman of a noble house. It takes a while for these two to figure out they are sharing the same body, but I love when they figure it out and start helping each other. They both have skills the other needs to survive in this cruel world.

Lain Cheng is played by the wonderful Xing Zhao Lin who played Yuwen Yue's bodyguard in Princess Agent. He's a little cold at first as he's unsure about Tan Er/Xiao Tan's loyalties. He's fighting for the throne with his brother Yi Haui, but he comes to learn that protecting his love Xiao Tan is more important than the throne.

The chemistry between the leads is smoking hot. I love watching these two flirt and fall in love with one another. It looks natural and gives me all the OTP feels I need. The drama isn't big in scale, but it's honest, refreshing, and a fun drama. There are live or die moments, but it doesn't feel like it's the end but another reason to make the OTP's love for one another stronger.

This week ended with the Qu Family finally getting their due for all the horrible deeds they have done to Tan Er and the 8th Prince. It's slowly losing characters to get to the real meat to the story, magic. The magical elements haven't been explained much, but I get the feeling we'll be swimming in magic by the end. I'm just getting a bad feeling we will end in sadness.


Lost Love in Times: This is the second week for this drama and I'm really liking it, but it's no Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. I know it isn't fair to judge these two dramas as they have their own story, but I'm talking about feelings. I find the drama really pretty and the story interesting, but my emotions aren't wrapped into the world. The drama had to make our leads, Qing Chen and Yuan Ling fall in love quickly as they are duel stars. However, they seem luck isn't on their side as bad things happen when they are together. Typical dramaland's way for not having our OTPs together. *eyeroll*

Yuan Ling is the 4th Prince - he has a birth secret as his father the Emperor isn't his real dad, but his uncle. The previous Emperor was killed by his own brother who took the throne and his woman. Qing Chen is the Grand Sorcerer to the clan of mages but she learns this after 7th Prince breaks the spell sealing her powers. Yuan Ling meets his destiny after being attacked by his brothers and he decides to take the throne from his father/uncle and marry the girl he loves. This all happens in the first 5 episodes ending this story with 7th Prince crashing the Royal Wedding to take the throne. Qing Chen may have broken ties with her Mage Clan but they come to protect her and the Emperor. This timeline may suck, but don't worry Qing Chen is able to change the timeline and hits the reset button with the 9 stones.

Time is reset to a year ago with some minor changes. Qing Chen has been erased from the timeline as part of her punishment for resetting time. In this new timeline, the Royal Family has figured out how to block the Mage Clan's powers and they have become slaves. Yuan Ling's mom is still alive which I wonder how this will change things. Qing Chen isn't allowed to tell others who she really is as it might break the world. She's got a year to change this world for it to not end as the first one did.

I feel like her resetting time should have been the start of this drama. We could always go back to the old timeline when she's feeling nostalgia for the world she remembers. Maybe with this order of the past, I could feel more heartfelt emotions by seeing her love Yuan Ling but not be able to express her love in this timeline . It's still early on in the drama as we're only 8 episodes in and I'm loving the flirting chemistry between Qing Chen and Yuan Ling evening if he probably won't admit he might like her.


The Bride of the Water God: I'm all caught up and I feel like the drama is missing something. I can't put my finger on it. I know things have happen, but it feels like nothing has. Maybe because the drama is called Bride of the Water God and we're not getting enough OTP action. The name of the drama is kind of pointless. Maybe this is the reason I just feel frustrated on one hand and meh on the other.

Yet, I really like Hu Ye as the unwanted half-god. He's considered as an evil being not wanted by the world of the gods or the humans. It makes sense why he spends all his time trying to understand human emotions because it feels like the only ones he knows are anger. The prejudice the gods have against Hu Ye makes me sad that it takes only one person to hold out their hand to help.

Is this the reason behind why the King of the Gods go to the human world? Do they need to learn humanity to be a good King? Habaek has grown to care about the humans instead of thinking of them as beneath him. I think being without his powers has also helped. I'm not sure if he would've if he had his power he would have changed for the better.

He cares for So Ah but he's worried. Habaek knows he has to go back to take the throne, but he's learning to love again. The mystery past that made So Ah's family become God's servants probably has something to do with it. I can only guess at this point since the drama has failed to explain the mystery past of the girl who was given to the gods as sacrifice.

The slow explaining things could be a reason I'm just not totally into the drama. The drama isn't giving me enough pieces of the story to evening care. I'll be honest as I haven't been watching this drama week to week. I just don't feel the need to have to be caught up each week.


Father Is Strange: I don't feel like Joong Hee and Mi Young are ever going to get the chance to be a couple. If they do get together, it will be in the finale hour. Darn you drama for this slow build up. Yoo Joo understanding the monster she was towards Mi Young is a great moment for her character. But I also like the moment she had with her mom. It's horrible to thing a child being unwanted, but it also doesn't excused her for doing the mean and terrible things.

Hye Young learning about her parents secret is sad to watch. She's such a strong character and to see her break down just breaks my heart. She needs to talk to Jung Hwan before a misunderstanding happens. However, this is dramaland and this is how we make drama is by not talking with one another. Hye Young did tell him to give her time to process and she'll talk to him. I just hope he can wait.


Criminal Minds: 

Albert Einstein asked, "The question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or the others crazy?"

NCI's second case was episode 9, Derailed. A passenger on the train has a delusional episode. The only big problem I had with this case was the way they didn't play with the schizophrenic personality. I remember watching the original and being shock the man was never really there. It played on the idea of the Angel and Demon on your shoulder thing. It was a little disappointing the drama didn't make that a key factor in the case. The reason behind the train stopping was believable and having another killer on the train was a nice twist. 

Hyun Joon coming up with the plan to take out the chip was different as it was Reid who played the part, but I was okay with the change. Sadly, which the change of character it doesn't give us much of a chance to drive into Lee Han's character. He made an off comment with Ki Hyung about following in the footsteps of the man on the train and his mother. As someone who's seen a lot of the original, I understand Lee Han is worried he'll have schizophrenia like his mother.

I love the scenes with Ki Hyung and the team having a meal at his house. Seeing how nice and caring Sun Woo towards Han Byeol just shows her not as cold as she likes to present herself. Hyun Joon is clearly the child whisper in the drama. He's able to charm child without doing much. Lee Joon Gi once again just making me fall head over heels in love with him more. The drama does make it seem like Hyun Joon is apart of the team but still an outsider. It's a little sad to see the team leave together and him to look on.

We're getting a chance to drive deep into the secret case of Hyun Joon's past. Sun Woo knows about the case too and I wonder why. Hyun Joon knew the girl who was murder as they were high school sweethearts. I love the fact he still wears the bracelet she gave him. It also makes me a little sad because he can't move on fully. It was interesting to learn his father was an officer who was killed in front of his son on duty. He's got to have the worst luck ever to be around this much death.

The 3rd case of the NCI's was a combination of episode 24 of season 4, Omnivore and episode 9 of season 5, 100. The Reaper was an interesting serial killer for the original team. I'm a little torn with this story-line being used because the team doesn't feel like a family in the sense the original did. This case was just tragic not only for Hotch but the team as one of their own was being harmed. It was a blow to the group.

There are some changes with the case. The original show had the Reaper escaped after being caught for stealing Derek's FBI badge and after all those new killings. Hotch kills the Reaper after he killled his wife and kidnapping his son. These story-lines were two different episodes and seasons. Instead, Ki Hyung doesn't get the satisfaction of knowing his Reaper died by his hands after killing his wife. Nope, dramaland had Reaper go to prison and escape. I foresee the drama making the showdown between these two from the end of To Hell and Back part 2 (26 episode of season 4) and Nameless, Faceless (1 episode of season 5).

The preview for next week looks like the 4th case will be based off of Ampiflication, episode 24 season 4. That was a good Reid episode and I look forward to the drama giving us a good look into Han. He's growing on me and I know the drama can make him likable. The drama just needs to give him the spotlight for us to learn more about it. There are a lot of things I'm liking about the drama and I hope a few of my favorite cases of the original might get the dramaland twist. The cast is doing a really great job. More music ... would be nice. The original just kills it on getting just the right music for the show. A good OST can only help me like the drama more.

Poet Haniel Long said, "So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty." 


Hyori's Bed And Breakfast: I love this show. Hyori and her husband are adorable and down to earth people who I want to have a meal with. I'm an envious of the guest who get to spend their vacation with Hyori, her husband, and IU. I giggle when Hyori and Sang Soon were doing their impressions of IU. It was sweet and funny.

I can't tell if IU is really as shy or if it's just being on camera, but there are times I just want to hug the girl and make her my friend. She's always thinking about work or spacing out. It sad and adorable at the same time. But it also makes me worry for her as she's been in the business since she was 16 and probably without many friends. I've enjoyed getting to see these sides of both Hyori and IU.

The guest are also wonderful to watch. The siblings break my heart with their story of their mother. The grandparent's left this week which was a little sad and The explores have become like family.


Queen for 7 Days is ending and I haven't watched it yet. Mostly, I'm putting it off because it's ending. I'll try to put my two cents on the drama or meme something.