Thursday, June 19, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 10: SPY

On this episode:
Another one-er episode, a trip to the past, Chief:  villain or foe, caught on camera, and a showdown begins.

I wanted to talk a bit more about the mystery surrounded the case. Some of you who are following Dramafever’s drama club will have read my theories  (Episode 10 - Drama Club).  I actually wanted to talk a bit more in depth about my thoughts on the nurse case.

Dae Gu’s mom was told not to testify. She decided to go ahead and testify, which made her death looks like a form of retaliation. The Chief keeps talking about a bill on the table to give the police department the right to investigate autonomy and not beholden to the prosecutor’s office. I get the feel the nurse’s death was set up for public opinion to sway toward the police department.

It could be the reason how Assemblyman Yoo got into office. He’s the champion of the police department trying to get a separation between police and lawyers. He was the one who told Boots/ScarEar to finish the boy who still lives. Dae Gu being alive could blow up all the work Assemblyman Yoo has done to get the public to believe the police can work on their own.

Boots/ScarEar is sympathetic towards Assemblyman Yoo’s plans due to being fired for “police brutality”. He used his gun to stop the bad man from beating him and his partner up. I wonder if prosecutors pushed to have him fired. It would explain also why cops and lawyers really don’t like each other. Prosecutors have all the power where the police officers not so much.

Which leads us to the Chief, I can’t put her down as a villain. There is something we are missing. Yes, she took the information Soo Sun gave. Yes, she also took the pendant. It all sounds like she is a part of the darkside, but why would she have taken Dae Gu under her wing and helped him? Was it guilt over leaving him alone without a mother? Things are not black in white when it come this is an old case. Why would she make Dae Gu promise not to get revenge on Boots if she didn’t care?

I think we are going to find out the villains aren’t as black and white as we think they are. There are reasons why these cops are doing bad things. Maybe they are good guys dress up as villains. Of course, they could still turn into villains, but there is something about the case we haven’t found out yet.

On a side note, wow the case of the week was kind of interesting. A bride missing her groom and not a lot of clues to go on. Like our main case, this case has the same feeling of it not been what it seems. By far the weakest part of the drama is the case of the week. These smaller cases aren’t very interesting. Since we are at the halfway mark, I hope we forget some of these dumb cases and get to the meat of the matter. 

The Sum Up:

Finally we are picking up steam