Thursday, June 19, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 9: Of the City

On this episode:
One episode for the week, secrets come out, a divorce couple rekindles, villains grow in numbers, and noona takes care.

My apologizes for getting these episodes. There was only one episode for the week of
episode 9 due to elections in Korea. Sadly, the follow week also had one episode due to an injury from Lee Seung Gi. I wish him a healthy and fast recovery. 

On a side note, I’m surprised with an extra week to prepare for episode 10 there wasn’t enough filmed to have two episodes last week. It seems the production of this drama is down to the minute before airing. I’m not a big fan of  the live shooting Korea tends to complete their dramas. It is stressful for all those who are involved from the actors, the writer, director, and other crew members. 

Some key points I want to talk about episode 9 -
I’m sick of the “fake out” ending. One or two times keep mystery, but this style is being overused which is becoming annoying. I really thought Dae Gu was caught, but nope, he just happens to be the luckiest SOB ever. 

As for the Chief, I am keeping an open mind about her. In this episode, she truly appears genuine about wanting to help Dae Gu. She also makes him promise her not to become a killer. Getting justice
is one thing and revenge another. I do wonder how she was able to find Dae Gu. I also ponder what her end game is as being his benefactor?

Pan Seok is like a dog with a bone. If he accepted Dae Gu’s denial at the beginning of the episode. I can’t say I was surprised he got Kook to let him into their apartment to get his toothbrush. In fact, it makes me feel a bit better about him being a detective. 

Thank you drama god for nothing making me hate Sa Kyung for misunderstanding Pan Seok’s kind heart. I mean we were going to have words if you made her like the normal dumb second lead. These two are giving me a toothache with all the sweetness. I know some people are saying they are jumping back too soon into a relationship after the years apart. For me, I feel they’re in a better place than they were and it isn’t too soon. My outlook could be messed up after watching Emergency Couple. That couple could take a page from Sa Kyung and Pan Seok. 

Tae II was a doctor. I guess I can see why Kook was upset with Tae II being a doctor. The idea of being a doctor is being really smart and good at their job. Where as Kook isn’t the brightest bulb and keeps getting held at knife point. Brownie points to the drama for not making Tae II a poor rich guy. 


Assemblyman Yoo and Boots/ScarEar know each other. Hmmm, interesting. I guess we can say Assemblyman is a villain has been confirmed. Why does it matter Ji Yong is still alive? Darn you mystery. I want answers not more questions. I’m still holding out Assemblyman is Dae Gu’s father. I mean it has a Star Wars feel to it.

By far the best part of the episode sees the reunion between the Pan Seok, Dae Gu, and Soo Sun. The whole thing was bittersweet. You can feel the pain between Pan Seok and Soo Sun and how grateful they were towards Dae Gu for being able to survive. Dae Gu is still barking up the wrong tree about Pan Seok, but I think he is going to have to see it to believe he wasn’t behind the killings. Oh Soo Sun wants to be Dae Gu’s noona, drama you are breaking my heart. The ending of episode 9 gave me some nice warm and fuzzy feelings.

Now that Noona is back, roommate time!!!

The Sum Up:
A time for reunions