Friday, June 27, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 11: Drawing the Line

On this episode:
Boots vs Dae Gu battle for the first time, Pan Seok saves the day, the search for Boots beginnings, and Dae Gu has to make a choice to let Boots die or be saved.

The episode was jammed pack with an lot of stuff happening, but the time seemed to fly by. All secrets were coming out this episode. Thank goodness all is out on the table. I thought we were going to hide Dae Gu’s secret until the last minute of the drama. You can tell the drama is closing the chapter on Boots and beginning the next chapter. At this point, were not too sure who the next chapter will be. I get a feeling it will have something to do with Assemblyman Yoo.

I can’t tell you how much I’m loving Soo Sun’s dedication of trying to find Dae Gu’s monster for him. She cares for him as a partner, friend and noona. At this point for her, she sees Dae Gu has the boy she wronged and wants to protect. She wasn’t able to be his noona in the past, but this time she will be the best. She isn’t yet seeing him as a man. Where Dae Gu has had weird feelings for her yet doesn’t understand what the feelings are. I can’t wait till we see this partnership/ friendship grow to become more.

I didn’t see the team finding Boots. I kind of figured the drama would have Dae Gu and Boots have their showdown between the two of them. I mean it started with them and it will end with them. Plus, Dae Gu needs to be the one to face his fears. This man has haunted his dreams for 11 years. For him to be able to move on, he has to be the one to stand up to Boots.

On the other side, Pan Seok finding out his ex-partner is a killer, you can see the anguish on his face. I don’t think he believed his friend would be so hard to drive the car and hit him. I bet it makes him wonder what else did the world throw at him to make him turn into a killer. Knowing Pan Seok he probably is wondering what he could have done to stop it. At this point, he just needs to accept Boots is a killer. He can’t change him, but he can save him by helping putting him behind bars.

I really want to know what is in it for the Chief? What is this lady’s end game? I mean, to be fair to her, she has a point to try to reassign the case. Since there is a conflict of interest as Dae Gu is a witness and victim it wouldn’t be right for him to be on the case. Suspects and victims need to have a detective who will not be biased with a already form opinion about who is right and wrong without evidence. What is she up too?

What a crappy choice Dae Gu has to make. Save the man who killed your mom or let him die the same way your mom did. A bit of karma to Boots to die the same way he killed the boy’s mom. For Dae Gu, this kind of sucks to have to rewatch a scene you can’t stop seeing in your nightmares. 


I think it is safe to say the man trying to kill Boots was called by Assemblyman Yoo. Someone couldn’t wait to clean up.

The Sum Up:

I’m no longer afraid of the bogeyman