Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 8: Feel Alright

On this episode:
Relationships begin to become complicated, pieces of the puzzle becomes clearer and identities being revealed.  

The romance of the show is hitting all the right buttons for me. Pan Seok is adorable. His speech about the first time he saw Sa Kyung made my heart do the happy dance. Thank goodness Sa Kyung didn’t say piss toward him for a meeting at the wrong place. It is half of her fault for not being specific

Dae Gu was tucked into bed by Soo Sun and slept without having any nightmares. Hurry up and make these two roomies already!!! He needs to keep his Soo Sun teddy bear to be able to sleep. My favorite of the episode is the chair part. He may tell her to keep her distance, but the boy is smitten with her. His secret smile isn’t a secret as Pan Seok catches him flirting. Love Pan Seok’s curious look. Good job of editing this part.

Kook is acting awkward around Tae II. Awkward is putting it lightly. He is being very grumpy and upset towards Tae II. This is all about the secret Tae II told him. I hope it has nothing to do with money. Maybe it has something to do with Tae II use to be a model. I just don’t want the reason Kook being grumpy to be a lame excuse. 

Whoops! That is some bad editing there. Scar Ear and Pan Seok were suppose to meet on the day Dae Gu caught the bad guy from last episode. That was the day before. What you get when you live shoot and edit. Getting back to Scar Ear - What if these two know each other and it has nothing to do with Dae Gu’s mom. The reason he knows about the boy is because Pan Seok and he use to be mates/”Friends”/partners. I am still holding out Pan Seok had nothing to do with Dae Gu’s mom. 

This is what Dae Gu gets for spying on Pan Seok. He gets to watch the girl he has feelings for hanging out at his enemy's place. Betcha he wished he put some audio in the apartment. I don’t feel Pan Seok has any romantic feelings toward Soo Sun. Yes, the look Pan Seok gave to her earlier in the episode is melting your panties hot, but that's just because Cha Seung Won’s sex appeal. She is like an adorable puppy who hero-worships her boss. There should be no misunderstandings. Right drama, you aren’t going to make me hate Sa Kyung.

Dae Gu is caught red handed at the end of this episode. I don’t see how the drama can cover up this with another excuse. Sure it could still be a fake out, but I think this one isn’t one of those. There is no way he can talk himself out of this bind.

Jumping head first into who is S - I didn’t see that one coming. I know, shame on me for not put two and two together. I didn’t think the Chief would have been S. It makes sense as she is the one who wanted the rookies program. Dae Gu happens to be a part of said program and a huge supporter for the rookies. Questions: How did she meet Dae Gu? What is her end game? Was she a part of Dae Gu’s mom’s case? How is she connected? Is she evil?

The Sum Up:
Winter is Coming