Friday, June 27, 2014

You Are All Surrounded Episode 12: Bang Bang Crossroads

On this episode:
Boots is caught for good and reminded to keep his mouth shut, who is detective Seo?, The Chief and Assemblyman go head to head, and a new player is added to the game.

Yay!!! Dae Gu was able to keep his promise and not become a killer. Good job on his smart thinking by not loading the darn gun. Pan Seok and Soo Sun, why didn’t you get there faster? Come on Pan Seok, put the pedal to the metal. I mean you padawan is in danger. 

I got a bone to pick with this drama. I’m kind of mad the drama seems to be going down the road of secret birth and the insane jealousy lady being the owner of the pendant. I’m sadden the mystery is turning out to be another darn trope. I was hoping for a bit more meat and depth to the story. My political intrigue theory is flushed down the toilet with this episode. Tell me if I am wrong to think a political intrigue is way better than a secret birth? 


Our villains and heroes are becoming black and white with no gray area. Having a common thing to fight for isn’t a bad thing, but it makes it much more interesting when you can’t tell the good guys or the bad guys. I really thought it would be more on the lines of that with the Chief being all about the police department looking good for that bill. I’m still holding out hope the Chief can put a twist to the birth secret since it is heading in that direction. 


Speaking of the Chief, I get the feeling she needs to watch out. Assemblyman Yoo isn’t happy to learn she knew little Ji Yong has been alive and she helped him. Yes, she told him she would take care of him, but I don’t think she will. I don’t think she rise the lamb to just be killed. She must have a plan underneath all of this. I get the feeling Assemblyman gets whatever he wants and when he wants it. 


I mean, look at his spoiled rotten wife, daughter, or whatever. At this point we don’t know insane rich lady’s connection to Assemblyman Yoo. Someone needed her toys taken away from her when she was young. She probably was never punished for doing wrong. I place a bet for a dollar she wouldn’t last long without a penny to her name. Someone please do a trading place. I would love to watch an evil rich lady learn she isn’t the center of the universe.  


Favorite part for me has to be Soo Sun and Pan Seok’s bike ride. I love how Pan Seok was asking her if she was dating Dae Gu. Since this was after the hug scene (which I will get to in a minute), she is embarrassed. She doesn’t know he saw their first kiss at the police station. Fingers cross for Pan Seok to start playing cupid. 


Apparently in Korea, traffic signs are just suggestions. Of course, we must be thankful for that because these two wouldn’t have gotten to hug yet if she didn’t almost get run over. Soo Sun and Dae Gu seem so surprised over to hug each other. Are they surprised at their feelings for each other?  There isn’t a reason why they need to get so bugged eye over a simple hug. Hugs really must mean something different in Korea is all I can think of.

Boots ends up blaming everything on the dead Company President. Not very surprised he keeps his mouth shut. As for Detective Seo, it is so the Chief. She is the only one we have seen take evidence. Speaking of evidence when is Soo Sun is going to remember the darn pendant. I’m going to guess episode 16. 


The Sum Up:

“The end of one story is always a beginning of another story.”