Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Good and Bad Level: Bride of the Century

Bride of the Century is a drama mixed with a curse, a  ghost, and the idea of reincarnation. Props need to be dedicated to the writers of the drama for telling a distinct narrative. The writing was smart in keeping matters simple and within the confines of the mythology it layout. The drama also had fun by playing with common drama tropes throughout most of the drama. You can distinguish the writer knew how the series was starting to end, which isn’t the case with most dramas.

I have to give it to a Chosen TV for taking a chance in this drama. As a little cable network and an unknown cast outside of the Lee Hong Ki, no one wouldn’t have experienced this on the main networks. At the time of the drama’s run, I too didn’t look at the drama. It wasn’t until months after the final episode had ended, I was looking for something to see in between dramas ending and new ones beginning. I really was kicking myself for not taking up this series before. BotC hit all the elements I enjoy from supernatural to romance to a tough as nails main lead. It also helped to have no expectations, but was surprised none the less.

I’ve only seen Yang Jin Sung in City Hunter. I can’t say I liked her character much in that drama. It took me a while to figure out where I’ve seen Jin Sung before. In BotC she got to play double duty, playing the lead and her evil look a like. I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy her in both roles. She impressed me in keeping both characters diverse from one another.  She really was the heart of the drama.

Lee Hong Ki is best recognized as the loveable Jermey from You’re Beautiful. Who knew loveable Jeremy could clean up nicely? Hong Ki wasn’t giving anything super new in dramaland by playing a spoiled rich businessman with a tough shell and a soft center. He was rather charming and lovely and he had great chemistry with Jin Sung. He’s acting was great, but it wasn’t overly impressive.

The earlier episodes were much stronger than the latter half of the series, yet it still managed to have meaningful conclusion. All storylines and mysteries were all wrapped up in a nicely tie bow. The romance did get set on the back burner to cold dow, which was a little distressing, but I saw the logical thinking. I appended a new OTP to my list. I laughed, cried, and cheered with them as they fell in loved, beat the odds although the world was against them. 

Bride of the Century is my surprise drama of 2014. I was excommunicated, but entirely in the name of goodness. I had seen the trailer and the poster, but never gave it the time of day. Give it a chance if you got some down time and who knows it may surprise you like me. 

Good: 89%

Bad: 11%