Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Good and Bad Level: Emergency Couple


Emergency Couple is listed as a medical, romantic comedy about a divorced couple getting a second chance. I’m torn in my feelings for this drama. On one hand, it delivered on the romantic comedy genre to a point, but my other hand was a tad frustrated with it. The will they or won’t they fluff lasted way too long for the narration. I believe the story could’ve been told within a 16 episode instead of the 21 episodes it was given.

The main issues of Emergency Couple happen to be the couple at hand. Both Chang Min and Jin Hee are clearly angry over the past and have to learn to work together in the present. Jin Hee still has feelings for Chang Min by keeping her wedding dress and ring. However, she changes her mind and becomes indifferent towards Chang Min after spending the first half of the drama trying to hide old feelings. Yet when Chang Min falls head over heels once again for his ex-wife, Jin Hee falls out of love. The drama suppose to be about a couple getting a second chance, yet it felt more like the couple playing tug of war with comedy and medical terms thrown in. 

Emergency Couple had some good side characters. Ji Hye my favorite next to baby Gook. This character is by far the best second lead in dramaland. I can’t express how awesome Ji Hye was. She wasn’t a bitch, no green eye monster took over, and lastly she wanted the best for the man she was in love with. Why can’t dramas write more characters like her? 

The writing could’ve been a tad tighter in telling its story. I can’t tell if it was too many characters or the medical part which tripped up the narration about half way through. The drama did a decent job when the couple was sweet and the comedy was spot on. Song Ji Hyo and Chio Jin Hyuk turned out an adequate performance as did the rest of the cast. 

In the end, Emergency Couple is a flawed drama with charm, humor, and characters you can like. It isn’t a dreadful drama, but it isn’t my favorite either. My expectation had to be lower which was hard as I had hoped for a well a rounded drama. Nonetheless, I had fun despite my nitpicking, but this isn’t on my list of re-watching anytime soon.

Good: 50%
Bad: 50%