Friday, December 12, 2014

Pinocchio Episodes 9-10: Angel

I’m not sure where to start on this week’s episodes. These two episodes took a decent punch and ran the story along nicely. Dal Po is in a pickle on how to keep In Ha and his brother safe. His brother has had a difficult time. He lost his whole family because of the stories the reporters put forth. It’s also how Cha Ok took his emotional state and twisted it for her own use to tell an impactful story. Hyung’s  bitterness and need for revenge has consumed him. He’s become a monster because of his terrible circumstance. I can’t help but sense a slight connection to Min Joon Gook from I Hear Your Voice.

Joon Gook became a monster by killing all those involved in the death of his wife, mother, and son. By the end of the drama, he wanted to make Soo Ha kill him for him to become a monster like himself. At one time Joon Gook was a victim, but he turned into a murder when he killed Soo Ha’s father and Hye Sung’s Mother.

Granted, we haven’t seen Hyung actually kill the other men from the warehouse. At this stage, he’s only kidnapped and kept back the man who lied to police all those years ago. Much like Dal Po, we’re hoping he hasn’t gotten too deep in his revenge. Hyung is much like Joon Gook in how he feels he has nothing to live for as his family is already dead. At this point, it’s like he wants Cha Ok to feel the agony and torment he had to go through.

Super glad In Ha knows Dal Po’s story. I didn’t think the drama would’ve held back on her figuring out the connection between him and Hyung. In Ha and Dal Po aren’t only in love, but they desire to help each other be the best. Dal Po could’ve lied to In Ha, but he chose to trust her. Dal Po was able to move forward from his past due to his new family and being given the chance to see life as a reporter. His goal in life isn’t righting the wrong from his past, but to build a new life with his experience. He still carries the scars from his past, yet he’s accepted those hardships.

It hurt watching Dal Po keep the truth from his brother. He’s so scared to find out his brother has gone down a road he can’t be saved from. What Hyung’s plans are and were doesn’t matter. In Ha gave away information only Hyung and his family would know. Dal Po had to confess his real identity to protect her and his brother. I’m worried Hyung won’t believe him, but he has a good memory to convince his brother with the truth.

The world is in love with Hyung, but his crimes are going to come out. How far are his crimes and what story will be narrated? I’m trying to figure out the main theme of the drama. Part of it is words have power. The idea of “the pen is mightier than the sword” holds truth in one of the main themes. Words can change opinions on a much grander scale. Where a sword can only change one person.

In Ha also had a tough time these two episodes. The cold mother who didn’t contact her for 13 years was slowly becoming nice. Beom Jo did good by giving In Ha’s text to Cha Ok. It’s clear his feelings are honest in wanting her to happy. If I wasn’t in love with the OTP, I could get behind Beom Jo. Back to mother and daughter, I do think we saw Cha Ok’s vulnerability. In those moments of her reading her daughter’s text, it came to her about missing out on her daughter’s life, yet In Ha doesn’t hold a grudge against her.

In Ha standing up to Cha Ok was a highlight. Yes, it was a brutal question and answer towards Cha Ok, but it needed to be said. It’s in the fact she believes she did nothing wrong 13 years ago. It wasn’t a crime to tell an impactful story. Yes, Cha Ok was young and ambitious, but it doesn’t excuse her for telling the same story years later. She made the story about the fireman impactful and didn’t own up to the consequences her story made. She forgot or chose to ignore, the power of her words can affect people. She made the choice to go down the impactful story instead because of her eagerness to get the best story. Cha Ok must tell herself nightly it wasn’t personal, but just business which just makes her cold. Her manner of reporting is no more serious than a tabloid reporter.

The writing is pretty solid. The directing and editing is awesome. The performance is fantastic. I can’t await to find out what next week’s episodes will unfold. I hope our brothers can have a small happy reunion before the crap hits the fan. Until next week, watch more Dramas.