Friday, December 5, 2014

Pinocchio Episode 7-8: Here I Am

Dal Po has a better understanding of why the media has to be careful of what they report as new due to his tragic past. Yet, he was given a chance to see things from the side of the media. He sure did mess up by being so caught up with the video and being pressured by his bosses. One of the reason the drama is interesting is giving these characters’ flaws. Sure, Dal Po has a photographic memory, but he still human who will make a mistake.  In Ha can’t lie to herself and chooses to be a straight talking witch with no filter. Beom Jo comes from money, but chooses to become a report in part to his fascination with In Ha.

I liked the insight the drama gave to us in regards to the other reporters. All the rookies and their subordinates seem to come from the same cloth. Much like Dal Po, Gyo Dong explains to him about his own feelings about a turning point in his life. Dal Po was able to take note not all reporters are not like anchorwoman Cho Ok. By seeing the viewpoint of Gyo Dong, he was able to realize his Cap’s remorseful feelings regarding his past misdeeds. I’m glad Dal Po told his Cap his true identity. I just hope he can confide in Gyo Dong about his hyung’s misdeeds. Holding this information in is not going to end well for Dal Po. 

Speaking of hyung, I might cry. I did the happy dance when the brothers reunited, but was annoyed with Dal Po for not telling his hyung’s the truth. I understand why Dal Po wasn’t forthcoming about his true identity since he thought he was meeting killer’s accomplice and it turns out hyung could be the lone killer. A crappy first meeting, however I’m gleeful for the writer in not holding back the reunion of brothers. I’m left to ponder on how these turns of events will play out and I haven’t the slightest clue if there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

 I don’t see hyung being dead after the end of episode 8, but I get the feeling Anchorwoman Cho Ok will resurface the past. The tragic incident will once again be pushed into the media spotlight for the next few episodes before going back to the normal routine. I ponder if Dal Po’s identity will come out while all media outlets are focused on hyung. I predict In Ha will be asked to investigate information on hyung and during her search she will put two and two together by finding out Dal Po’s real name. How can she keep the truth to herself without giving it away, if this is the direction the drama is heading?

Speaking of In Ha and Dal Po, I appreciate the writer for the progress of our romantic leads. The kiss was to divert us from the horrendous events which were about to unfold. I approve of the writer for giving us some hope before crushing our hearts minutes later. Before you all ask, yes I’m shipping them. The chemistry between our leads is divine. It’s clear by the settle looks both give to each other when they think no one is looking. Dal Po’s puppy dog eye on In Ha is understandable. In Ha is very likeable despite her no filter.

The kiss was stunningly striking. The scene was set up beautifully. Our romantic couple were completely in the moment emotionally. Superb job Park Shin Hye. I was thoroughly in the moment and believed In Ha and Dal Po were young lovers sharing a beauteous kiss. My optimism is high if scenes like this continue throughout the rest of the drama. Here’s to Shin Hye to continue to grow as an actress. 

As much as I love the distraction of romance, it’s still in limbo land. Sure the leads finally confessed their feelings and both were returned, but Dad hasn’t changed his feelings towards Dal Po. He seems interested in finding out Beom Jo comes from money, but Dad better not be this shallow. I did love Grandpa’s face when told about Dal Po being interested in a girl. It makes me wonder how he will feel to find him in love with his granddaughter. 

The story is moving nicely. The romance may have gotten a boost of speed, but it feels right and natural. The cast of characters are charming and engaging despite their goodness or badness. I’m totally digging the drama. Really, if you haven’t started the drama yet, what are you waiting for? Get to it. Until next time, watch more dramas.