Monday, December 1, 2014

Pinocchio Episode 5-6: Half an Hour


Dal Po believed all this time his Hyung abandon them. How did he come up with this thought? I never understood why he didn’t try to find his Hyung after at some point during the years. I just hope Dal Po finds him soon because he needs to know he isn’t alone. The poor thing is doing some bad things in the name of getting revenge for his family's wrongful deaths.

I’m jumping right into Hyung being a killer. I didn’t see this happening and a part of me isn’t believing he killed someone. I was hoping for him to get the guys drunk and record them talking about the accident and use the media like they used his family. At some point he would come across Dal Po and together be able to tell the real story and bring some justice to their family.  Nope, the drama is turning right instead of left. The dead body at the morgue is the manager boss guy who told Dad about the two people in the building. The same man Hyung kept in the manhole. Anyone else get the feeling Dal Po is going to be reunited with his Hyung and have to turn him over to the police. Darn you Drama, can’t you at least make some rainbows and sunshine before ripping my heart away.

I love the little family unit. It warmed my heart watching the trio all give him medication. He may have been adopted and Dad may not be happy about specific things, they all take care of each other. These nice family moments are keeping me happy while some bad stuff is going on. I’m not sure if Dal Po will ever be able to confess his feelings for In Ha with how wonderful the family has been to him. In most dramas, the main couple won’t confess their feelings because where would the conflict be, right, wrong. The one element I like is how In Ha can’t lie and has to be truthful about everything. In Ha thinks it’s a one-sided crush and has no idea how Dal Po feels because he can’t express his feelings. He is thus indebted to her Grandpa and Dad, he can never tell. Also, Dal Po has lots of secrets he has to get close to his vest.

I really hate In Ha’s Mom.  I can’t blame In Ha for wanting to trust in her Mom. A kid requires attention and love of their parents. It’s harder on the child when the parents are divorced. I understand Mom didn’t want anything to do with her daughter by the lack of any contact. However In Ha still held onto hope. Mom never wanted her daughter. Her job was more important than her husband and daughter. 

Speaking of her job, Mom doesn’t believe her actions have consequences. She is by far the most frustrating part of this drama. She proceeds to make me desire to slap her. She has the nerve to ask her daughter to join her to help her station gain viewers. What ever happen to real news reporting? I believe it died by the age of the internet. 

Beom Jo is just creepy. Something about him is off and odd about him. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but he gives me the heebie jeebies. His relationship with his mom doesn’t sit well with me. He's a total momma's boy. I have to hand it to the drama for giving a different type of cheabol instead of the  angry, a-hole type. Different or new, he’s still unnerving. 

Despite Mom giving In Ha the reporter job in PR, I’m grateful the rookies aren’t together in one large group. I would rather have YGN to win only in spite of MSC having Bitchy Mom on staff. I want In Ha to become a respective and well rounded reporter, but I worry if Mom will influence her to join the Dark Side.  

The drama is doing a very good job telling its story. The tempo of the story is open and moving with ease. I’m afraid if there isn’t a light at the remnant of the dark tunnel or at least any happiness for our brothers.  Until next week, watch more dramas.