Monday, September 16, 2013

Twitter Review Monday

The first Twitter Post Monday. What is this?
Well it is me trying to write something about a drama within the Twitter 140 character post. A little bit of humor and a little information on the drama. Some of these will go over the 140 characters.

Every Monday well be my Twitter Post about a drama. Just to give everyone an idea you can review off my current post in the Twitter Post at the top of the blog.

49 Days

49 days to get three tears from 3 different people who love you. Can I pass on this game as I know it will end in tragedy? I want to play either Ghost or Dead Like Me. I have two options:
a.) I either get to haunt those evil people and die 
b.) Become a grim reaper and continue to haunt them in this crappy life.  
Hmm ... I quit on all games, where is that darn elevator?