Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 2 (30 Day Challenge)

The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen?

 Oh the anger I have for these two dramas .... 

Shinning Inheritance is this fan favorite Korean drama and I just don't get it. It got about 40% in views heading into the last bit of episodes. I like the cast and the acting wasn't horrible, but I guess I am one of the few who thought it would have been pretty fantastic (baby) to have the lead chick NOT pick the angry, rich douchebag main lead.

I am just saying ...  had she not picked the main guy I think I would have found the lead character A)Not a douchebag 
B) some character growth 
C) not a douchebag 

I know ... dreaming right.

Triple was written by the same people who gave us Coffee Prince ... Well Coffee Prince was a good show Triple was just bad. The writers can keep Triple. This show was like going on a road trip but forget to bring the directions. Really this piece of crap had NO IDEA what it wouldn't to do. NONE!!! I kept watching hoping the little train that could would have found its legs or heck directions to know how to get somewhere. I really wanted to like this ... why did they have to write such a crappy show after writing one of my top favorite dramas EVER ..... WHY?