Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 10 (30 Day Challenge)

Your Favorite Kiss

The Greatest Love (Best Love) as some of the best kisses I have ever seen but it is in episode 14 that had the kisses of all kiss IMO. 

Ae Jung and Jin are trapped in his house with the media waiting for him to leave for heart surgery. Ae Jung is upset Jin is just thinking of her future and not his or theirs. He is dying to protect her and she doesn't like it. Jin tells her that he is going to live and prove her wrong. More or less she tell Jin if he didn't think he was going to live than he wouldn't have brought her here. 

Some eye sex and finally he gets she wants to have his potato (Rawr!!!! ),  stands and pulls her up and proves he is going to have a future with her as they kiss. 

Cha Seung Won knows how to kiss. Sure kisses are normally innocent but he puts some spice in the kiss. There are a few actors who can turn evening the worst of kissers (i.e. their co-star) into a great kisser. Poor dudes having to do all the hard work. Heck I know people who would do the work for free ... if you think kissing your favorite actor was actually work?