Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 14 (30 Day Challenge)

Favorite Drama OST


This is an older drama but a good one. The OST is by far one of my favorite. If I want something smooth to listen to, this is my go to on my ipod. I have listened to this OST by far about a million times. Granted, I really liked the drama. I am a sucker for past lives. Each of these songs brings me back to how beautiful each of the stories where told. Of course they never did end happy but the songs just brings the story more life to how sad and touching the drama was.

See the drama but if you are looking for some of the songs, below is a list of my favorites off the OST.
Long Long Ago - Park Ki Young
Flower - Go Yoo Jin
The Prayer -  Kwon Oh Kyung
Sorrowful - Lisa