Monday, September 16, 2013


Crayon Pop was a small not very known group until just the last few months. For me this song is my song of the summer. I think I drove everyone crazy how many times I listen to this song. The cute outfits and the catchy "Jumping, Jumping", you can't get this out of your head.

Crayon Pop has now two version of BarBarBar. Crayon Pop didn't need to do a "world" video. Sure it still has the cuteness but the Psy skits were not needed to make this video popular. Maybe the Psy parts were a homage to him but were they really needed. Look at the original video with over 5 million views. Now if the girls had added a uniqueness beside the outfits, I may have liked the new one better. Maybe if they said this was a REMIX, I might have liked the video more?

Which version do you like?

The Original Video

The World Video