Sunday, September 29, 2013

Creepy, weird, but interesting ...

The Suspicious Housekeeper has made it debut and here are my thoughts.

Holy moly, what a dark and eerie show. This is not your family drama where something bad happens and the characters learn a lesson about it or the meaning of family. A dysfunctional family is putting things lightly.

Our strange Housekeeper is "practically prefect" but not in every way. A Housekeeper who will follow orders blindly or regardless of free will is just odd and very un-Mary Poppins. That darn bag of her is about the only thing close to Mary Poppins. Forget the bright happy smile to start the day. This woman will just stare at you as if she knows what you are thinking. A broken soul who just does what she is command is this Robot Housekeeper. Mad props to Choi Ji Woo for her creepy acting.

This has got a hold of my interest. The father-daughter relationship is going to be a wild ride to see where this ends. With Han Gyul ordering our Housekeeper to tell everyone the real reason her mother died is karma coming back to bite you in the butt. I have no kind feelings to our dear old dad for being a douchebag and his little miss on the side is just as guilty. Payback will be a bitch but he made his bed and has to lay in it. Same with dad's little thing on the side. Have fun enjoying everyone knowing what kind of person you both are.

I hope the grandfather can forgive his daughter for following the douchebag. Sure she made a mistake but he has 4 grandchild he could be apart of their life and have a piece of his daughter back. I hope the grandfather and Han Gryul are able to have a lasting relationship. She needs someone in her life to be able to go to for help. At this point, she has no one. Han Gryul almost made a mistake with the boy from school but it seems she has a good head on her shoulders. Let see how long she keeps being smart. It is kinda of heart-breaking to see this kid being thrown into being an adult since she is the eldest kid. Plus in the eyes of her grandfather a mistake. Poor girl.

Since I haven't read much about the original version of this show, I hope things turn out well for the kids. I get the feeling that it isn't going to be happy ending but I can still cross my fingers the children will get a little HEA.