Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 5 (30 Day Challenge)

Describe Asian dramas in one word:

Can you really describe Asian dramas in one word? Is this suppose to describe dramas for myself or for those who don't know dramas? 
To people who have never seen a drama - Captivatingness
Dramas will attract and hold you by their charm, beauty and excellence. You have been captive to the wonders of an Asian Drama. 

For myself - Happiness 
I know it should be a drug of choice or addiction, but really happiness is what dramas do for me. Despite the genre, I walk away content or full of joy. Sure I can have sadness watching a sad drama but the anger and stress from my day to day life is let go when I get to watch a drama. Dramas are my little happyland where someone else is going through a worst day than I am or they are finally getting the happiness they have worked hard for.