Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dream High Episode 6: DayDream

On this episode of Dream High:
Flowerpots are deadly, “small white lies”, working on a fake showcase, and enemies become not my enemy

Sam Dong is smitten over Hye Mi. He gives up his bed for the girl. I kind of want to hit Hye Mi over the head with something myself at seeing her. Hello, the boy is in love with. You may want to catch him while he is still in love with you. Just saying …

Pil Sook figures out Hye Mi might be right about Jason. He continues to be super nice to her. It kills me to see her falling head over heels in love with Jason knowing he is being kind towards her due to his good manners. Pil Sook finally ask him that question himself and gets the answer as she is heading to turn in her papers to quit school. Of course Jason redeems himself a bit by telling Pil Sook he wants to sing with her. Sweet but I am watching you buddy. One wrong move …

Sadly, Hye Mi tells Sam Dong to not protect her. Sad but I get she doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone. She doesn’t want to have to own another person something else. Her dad’s business failed and now she owns all her dad’s debt. She doesn’t have a dream because she can’t afford one. Sam Dong doesn’t know the troubles she faces but takes what she says. Hye Mi is trying to protect Sam Dong from being a part of her crappy life of debt.

Our out-cast group doesn’t get to perform evening if they had the top scores on the midterm exam.  Professor Maeng changes the criteria of who gets to be in the showcase. Way to hit below the belt dude. Let’s keep the hit clean man. You can’t hit below the belt. I understand we will be getting more of this type of behavior from the school since they are the supposed to be the worst of the worst. But really they aren’t since they beat out the kids who are taking music and dance classes during the exam. At some point, I get the feeling Principle Shi is going to regret his choice.

Baek Hee is turning into the monster I knew she was going to turn into. Sorry but I can’t cheer for her. I just can’t even feel sorry for her. She has a mother who doesn’t see her talent and puts her down. Which should make you want to cheer for her and hope her mom sees how great she is. Nope, I just don’t care. To be fair, Hye Mi was going to leave Baek Hee in the dust. Hye Mi is self-centered to a point. She cares for her sister and knew if she didn’t get in the school her sister and she would probably die on the streets.

I mean remember the fantasy dream she had of her sister dying. Hye Mi didn’t bully her or heck tried to kill Baek Hee when she won the bet. I just don’t like the girl is all I am saying. She doesn’t make me care for anything she does. She doesn’t make smart choices. She also tries to fit in by doing bad things. The difference between Hye Mi and Baek Hee is simple … Hye Mi doesn’t care what others think. Baek Hee doesn’t have the back bone to give a crap what other say. She wants to fit in with everyone and in the end will just make her feel lonely. You mark my words.

The Sum Up:
You have me at Almost Paradise and I can’t wait to see your showcase.