Monday, February 3, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 4: This Way

On this episode of the Emergency Couple:
A life is saved while the couple protects each other; Mom doesn’t and does like the girl, the devil has a secret, time to say goodbye to my teacher, and nagging is one of the leading cause of divorce.

Jin Hee and Chang Min seem to be helping each other. Thank the Drama Gods for not wanting me to slap Chang Min for one episode. These two can’t be in a room without wanting to argue about something, but I am digging the moments where they are listening to each other. Mostly Chang Min doesn’t seem to listen. He gets this from his mother. (More on that later) In the elevator, they were able to work together and get the job done. I am relishing these two protecting each other. I am glad Chang Min isn’t taking the “God’s Hand” his co-workers are saying about him to heart. Thank you writer for not making him take the credit Jin Hee did in the elevator.

He took the brunt of Cheon Soo’s angry over not keeping the phone in hand. I want Chang Min to protect Jin Hee for their past relationship and hope this is his reasoning in the end. I was worried Chang Min would be boosting and taking the credit for Jin Hee’s work. Nope Chang Min did the decent thing by feeling embarrassed for the things his co-workers were saying. Maybe he is ashamed he couldn’t performance the rescue. He shouldn’t be since I agree with Jin Hee. If it wasn’t gor Chang Min’s knowledge, the man would have died. Jin Hee made the cut but it was Chang Min’s directions. They both worked as a team to save the man’s life. 

Jin Hee’s teacher during her 4 years of study to be a doctor was none other than her ex-father-n-law aka Chang Min’s dad. This is kind of justices. Chang Min’s mom is a piece of work. She couldn’t cut being a doctor and found a husband to fill in her flaws. I can’t say his father had any ambitions in the hospitals to be chief of anything or those aspirations were whipped out of him by his demanding wife. Madam Mom is very self-centered. She is so engrossed in beating her siblings she doesn’t care what her husbands dreams maybe. I can’t blame the man for not wanting to be in the same room with her.

Those two are minis of Jin Hee and Chang Min’s marriage life. Chang Min has learned from his mother to only thing of himself and not what is good for them as a married couple. He expects this and that from Jin Hee as he brings home the bacon. He seems to never care of what Jin Hee wanted and she was to caterer to Chang Min’s every demand. What a douchebag. She is a person and has wants and needs not being met by her jerky husband. I am not saying Jin Hee is in the totally right. They both are in the wrong with their marriage yet after seeing Madam Mom and Dad; I can see where Chang Min learned his skills as a husband …. Not from Dad.

Chang Min is seeing a bit of green with Jin Hee and Cheon Soo. If he didn’t feel a bit towards Jin Hee, I don’t think he wouldn’t have said anything about her wanting the attention of the Chief. Jin Hee finally asked if Chang Min knows why they didn’t work. We can see it after seeing Madam Mom and Dad, but Chang Min has his head stuck in the clouds. He can’t see past his great self. He can’t care about another but himself. He doesn’t know why and doesn’t care to know why. Again self-centered … 

Ah Reum’s secret is out of the bag. Um hello Chang Min, did you see how your mother treated Ah Reum before she knew who she was? Did it ever cross your mind, she treated you ex’s like crap? Oh wait, what am I thinking, it isn’t about you so that would be a no. My bad, I forgot Chang Min hasn’t eaten his humble apple pie yet. Ah Reum seems to have set her eyes on Chang Min. The elevator thing is just one check in the keeper column. I don’t see Chang Min getting into a relationship with her. She bruised his ego by sending her friend to the blind date. 

4 episodes down and I am reveling in the unfolding story. The medical isn’t too much and the character stuff is just right. With 20 episodes, there is lot to learn and for our characters to learn. Some of the episode seems to run a bit sluggish, but it is able to right itself back into a flowing narrative. 

The Sum Up:
The rules for residency are simple.
First, keep score.
Two, Do what you can to out smart the other guy.
Three, never make friends with the enemy.
Last, everything is a competition.