Friday, February 28, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 9: He Will Leave

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
Slept with my boss, cute baby happens to be sick, someone else has a secret, the hidden sister reappears, and love may still be in the air for our ex-couple.

Everyone I am sorry about the wait of this episode being put up until now. As I mention in the first post, I was not feeling good this week. With no good looking Doctor to take care of me, I am left doing the doctoring myself. Busy week trying to recover and going back to work this was the last thing on my mind. Again, I am sorry for the wait. Let drive into the highlights of this episode one piece at a time.

Jin Hee and Chun Soo sleeping together was comical gold. My question is how did Chun Soo not know someone else was in this tiny bed with him? Oh don’t get me wrong, I laughed myself into a coughing fit watching these two find the prefect position to sleep. Love the comedy I just don’t see how you wouldn’t have known another person was in the twin bed. When both wake up in the morning, I had to push stopped as I was coughing and laughing. Not a good mixed when you can’t laugh without coughing. The morning scene with Chun Soo, Jin Hee, and Chang Min screaming at the situation is some of the better comedy missing from the Drama.

I enjoyed watching Jin Hee try to hide from Chun Soo. Embarrassed doesn’t begin to explain how Jin Hee feels. How do you look at your boss in the face when you have slept with him? To be fair all they did was sleep and no sexy time. Of course, the piece of gum was going to come back and haunt Chang Min. It fell into Jin Hee’s hair the night before and at some point during the night got onto Chun Soo’s pants. Jin Hee tries her best to get the gum off but is caught with her hands on Chun Soo’s behind by not only Chang Min but Ji Hye. The comedy I was missing in the last few episodes was hitting the mark in this episode.

Ji Hye seems to have a secret with someone at another hospital. My first thought of who is in the hospital is her kid. Than my next thought is who is the kid’s father. What we know is Ji Hye and Chun Soo had a relationship. I hope I am not the only one thinking Ji Hye wants to get back together with Chun Soo. I believe this kid happens to be Chun Soo as well. It might help ground Chun Soo to finally stop running away.

Crazy Mom now knows her husband helped Jin Hee become a doctor. Oh this will come back to hurt Dad and Jin Hee. The damage Crazy Mom is going to bring down on her husband and Jin Hee is going to look like nothing compared to what the Man of Steel did. Fingers crossed Crazy Mom is able to get over the hate towards Jin Hee. It seems the only one who was against Chang Min and Jin Hee’s marriage was Crazy Mom.

Jin Ae still calls Chang Min brother-n-law. He also was “saving” her from her sister. Chang Min was enjoying Jin Ae calling him brother. He enjoyed being the voice of reason between the sisters. I get the feeling these two sisters did a lot of arguing with Chang Min in the middle. A blast from the past and he liked the feeling. Almost as if six years hasn’t past and he isn’t divorce.

Chang Min continues to be confused about his feelings toward Jin Hee. Is he falling for her again or did the love never leave? His car ride home was telling that he is indeed in love with his ex-wife. I believe both are correct. There is still love but I think he’s falling for the woman she has become. He is falling for the woman in the past and the doctor she is now. Where Jin Hee is getting annoyed with Chang Min to confess she likes Chun Soo. I am not sure she actually likes Chun Soo romantically but she hero-warship him. Jin Hee isn’t expressing her feelings about Chang Min but we know she still isn’t over him. She kept her wedding dress and ring. Chang Min’s father also was her teacher. She still held onto Chang Min evening after they cut ties as man and wife. Okay Drama Gods, lets get to the heart of these two. I want romance and flirting.

I get the feeling we will be visiting the past very soon. Jin Hee and Chang Min are not the only characters to have a past. These characters need to look into their past for them to look at the future. The answers to our future relationships will be found in the past. The stories are slowly working out. One more episode until we hit the half-way mark and the romance is slowly coming through. I am happy with where are at in the storytelling and I am looking forward to the romance of our couple.

The Sum Up:
Laughing hurts when its more like coughing