Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Prime Minister and I Episode 16: Unfinished Song

On this episode of the Prime Minister and I:
“Let’s Break Up,” no dismissal of the Prime Minister, come back as the kid’s mom just not as my wife, and mom is alive?

I really was annoyed with Da Jung this episode. I understand why she became a Noble Idiot last episode but why does she have to continue her downfall in this episode by lying. The biggest flaw from episode 15 was Da Jung not talking with Yul about the situation and once again she doesn’t sit down to talk with Yul about where they go. Yes Na Young is still married to Yul, but she has been gone for YEARS and both the kids and Yul have put the lady to bed by finally getting over their guilt and anger of her “death”. Now she is back, the kids and Yul need you the most. Kids should get the change to decide if they want to get to know their mom after she left them.

Da Jung’s mom died. She didn’t fake her death or want to leave her husband and kid. She is 6 feet in the ground and not coming back. You, Da Jung need to get over your mommy issues. Na Young and Yul need to work their unfinished issues, but Da Jung and Yul also need to work their issues. Talking is how things will get done not by packing up and leaving. Stop using duck tape thinking it will magically fix the problem.  Da Jung you become frustrating with each scene I see you in. You made an impression on Yul and the kids. This is the time of need they need you the most. You have been their rock of comfort to help them get over all their issues as a family. Help them instead of running away.

Thank the Drama Gods for Yul being awesome. My computer was saved from being hurled to the wall because of Yul’s astonishing good sense. Yul is back into a corner with a President who rejects every reform and has now taken the steps to replace the Yul as Prime Minister. On top of his political dreams coming to a complete stop, Na Young comes back from the dead. I love Yul doesn’t go down the sacrifice path. He keeps his principles and wants regardless for family or anyone else.

Na Young is able to be the kid’s mom but not as Yul’s wife. I don’t think Yul would have taken Na Young back if Da Jung wasn’t there. Yul had a lot of guilt and anger towards Na Young. No amount of therapy could have helped them get back together as man and wife. Speaking of the kids, I am not surprised by Woo Ri’s reaction to finding out his mom is alive. The boy is angry with his mom. I don’t blame the kid for being mad. His mom isn’t dead but never once came to see them. He is finding out his mom didn’t leave them by accident but by choice. She abandons her own children. It is a hard pill to swallow.

I really didn’t love this episode overall as it just continue to peeve me with Da Jung’s Noble Idiot routine. I don’t like my OTP being on the outs when they worked so hard to finally admit the love for each other. The conflicts are being settled in gratifying way. Joon Ki is no longer a douchebag towards Yul. Yay!!! He spends this episode trying to correct the errors he made towards Yul. He has a long way to go to repay Yul for his misplaced trust and act of revenge for Na Young’s “death”. Hye Joo also gets a star in my book for not going back to Yul. She is started her own political path. Hye Joo is a formidable character able to do anything and had the magnificent of a lead character. In ways, I felt Hye Joo’s second lead over powered Da Jung’s lead. In Ho decides to stay by Yul’s side to repay Yul for his misunderstandings about his brother. I also think for In Ho’s own good and for Yul. In Ho has become the sane friend of truth for Da Jung.

The side characters have been forgotten towards the second half of the Drama. These side characters gave up on their screen time for Na Young to come back. I have missed the reporters doing their daily thing during the episode. With one more episode, I doubt these side characters will get the screen time they once did.

The Sum Up:
I vote the Noble Idiot off the island.