Saturday, February 1, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 3: Isolated Ones, Left Foot Forward

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
The aftermath of a crazy patience, it sucks being interns, showing some skill, blind dates are fake, and another crappy partner.

We are fully into the swing of things at the hospital this week. Jin Hee saves the day with her quick thinking but ends up harming Chang Min. Sorry but Chang Min deserved to be shock to death for being a completed a**. The human begin Jin Hee is goes in to save Chang Min by giving him the breath of life. I get the reason for the trope, but you don’t need to do mouth to mouth. Raipd, deep presses on the chest and the reservoir bag are the best course of action. Beside that same factor, I still enjoyed the crap out of Jin Hee going in to breath life into Chang Min. Not the first time she has pressed lips with him.

Of course Chang Min is a jerk soon after. He could have been mad but thankful for her trying to save him. I mean the crazy dude had a gun to his head. Nope he is right back to being all high and mighty wanting to just be shot by the dude instead.  Yong Kyu has to tell Chang Min she worked herself trying to save him after he stops breathing. The rest of the episode he feels bit remorse toward Jin Hee. Of course, he can’t stop fighting with her when he comes back from his blind date. He doesn’t make smart choices. He shouldn’t have gone on the date. Jin Hee covered for him I think because she still feels a bit bad for shocking him.

We do get a bit of jealously out of Chang Min when he sees Jin Hee and Chun Soo in each others arms. Of course it is all a misunderstanding as she falls into him by carrying the heavy body. His green eye monster isn’t a nice one. He just points out her body “flaws” (i.e. smalls boobs) being pressed against Chun Soo. Dude if you want to keep those small body flaws you should have worked things out before quitting your marriage. Not that Chun Soo has any feels toward Jin Hee at this point. I believe he could but we shall see.

Jin Hee does get to show her smarts of being a good doctor. I am glad Ji Hye is seeing how clever Jin Hee is. Ji Hye is a surgeon. I could see Jin Hee going into the field as a surgeon and Ji Hye being her teacher. Please Drama Gods make it happen. I don’t want to see these intelligent women be down grade by being mean towards one another.  I smell someone being their person. I don’t see Ah Reum and Jin Hee becoming BFFs anytime soon. Ah Reum might have her craws into Chang Min soon. Neither Ah Reum nor Jin Hee has much in common.

Speaking of the mom, I get the feeling we might have a battle of the moms at some point. Both mom’s mean well but I feel they are a bit destructive to a point. I wonder if those two were at each other throats when their kids where marriage. I get the feeling a bit of the reason why Jin Hee and Chang Min fought might have come from those two. I guess time will tell.

The Sum Up:
007 with the license to kill will be ….