Saturday, February 8, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 5: Swear

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
Mad Evil Villain doctors, he did it or she did it, blame the ER, your sis is a thief, and Mom is psycho

Another touching episode for Jin Hee and I don’t see her life getting any easier for her. Everyone finds out she is the one with “God Hands”. My question is why didn’t the body get an autopsy? Was it the surgery or was it the tracheotomy? Completing an autopsy would give an idea of what killed the man. I thought the man was going to die pretty soon due to not getting treatment for his cancer sooner. He was in the ICU and recovering after going into surgery. Anything can go wrong in a surgery and people can die. I get the family is upset over the death but the man didn’t get treatment until now and the cancer wasn’t good. I don’t understand this hospital and a lack of an autopsy to see if it was the cancer, the surgery, or the tracheotomy as the leading cause of death.  

Beside the annoying medical part of the drama, let’s get into the character part. Jin Hee gets called in on the finger pointing. It looks like the surgeon and his boss have become villains next to Dear Mom. They are willing to blame Jin Hee, but really anyone is good to take the fall. This is the reason why I don’t think Jin Hee is to blame. I think these two will do about anything to make the ER fall. *Insert Eyeroll*
With crazy Mom coming in as a VIP patient, looks like the hospital knows the family Chang Min comes from. I am wondering if altitudes will change towards him. I mean Surgeon Dude and his boss were more than happy to put blame on Jin Hee and not anger the Doctor Gods. Can’t wait till they find out she kind is family too. HAHA!!!

Show of hands for anyone who wants to smack Jin Hee’s sister (Jin Ae ) – Please let me at her first. Jin Hee holding onto her wedding ring clearly tells me she hasn’t gotten over all her feelings for Chang Min. It isn’t up to Jin Ae to decide to get rid of the ring. It isn’t hers to sell. I hope Jin Hee puts her sister in her place much like how she should against Crazy Mom.

Speaking of Crazy Mom, please Chang Min see what Jin Hee had to go through. Your Mom is nuts. I mean ask your Dad. There is a reason Dad stays far away from his wife. I really hope Chang Min actually gets to find out the truth of how she was treated by his Mom. Jin Hee telling her ex-mom why she became a doctor had me rolling on the floor from laughing. Chang Min really needs to stand up to his mom. He allows her to be spoiled. I hope at some point he puts a stop to his Mom acting like a child and he grows up.

This episode went by pretty swiftly. As much as I was irritated over who killed the man, I was pretty entertained. Our OTP is slowly getting into the swing of things. Underneath the hate and angry, you can tell they still care for one another. The story is leisurely crafting its story piece by piece. The medical part hasn’t nearly taken over the drama as I know many were worried over. To this point, the characters are still the focus. The medical seems to be a learning tool and conflict for our characters. With 20 episodes as our total for this Drama, it has enough time to set things up before it drives into the main conflict and the heart of the matter.

The Sum Up:
Remind me never if I get hurt not to go to this hospital if I am seriously hurt. A little maybe just so I can look at all the pretty doctors.