Monday, February 10, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 6: Shower Later

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
Special people get all the luck, See you Monday, to quit or not to quit, we have a lot in common, and time to rock n’ roll.

We finally learn Jin Hee’s reasons why she became a Doctor. I think we know the reason why she became a Doctor. She wasn’t treated right by her in-laws of Doctors (besides Dad). She let them step on her and ignored her. She wanted to know why being a Doctor was so amazing and why she was considered a no body. It was nice for her to admit to someone about her lack of self confidence. Her becoming a doctor was to start anew and to show everyone who looked down on her, she too can be awesome. Jin Hee is proving herself to be a good doctor. She may not have come in with noble intentions but no one ever does.
Chun Soo and Jin Hee have a lot in common. Chun Soo has a heart full of compassion. I am not surprised he is in the ER. You can help more in the ER. Like Jin Hee, he can’t turn down someone who is asking for help. I think Chun Soo sees a bit of him in her. They also share the feeling of being in a lowly class. I get the feeling Chun Soo had a situation where someone with connections got away with being punished and he had to take the fall. I think it is too early to tell if they are going to go the route of him falling for Jin Hee. At this point, I think he wants to help her become a good doctor.

I can’t express how much I dislike Chang Min’s crazy mom. You would think after almost dying she would have a change of heart. I don’t think this woman has a heart. I hope she gets a lesson in humble apple pie. I hope the drama shows this woman growing out of her spoiled rotten character. Much as I hope Chang Min will grow and learn not to be a momma’s boy and a mini-me of his mother. I think Chang Min might learn his lesson before his mother. I actually feel bad for Dad. I am wondering if Dad might come back to town to be a teacher to his son and wife. For the sake of the Drama, Dad needs to help his son see the selfish person he is.
I wonder how Chun Soo is going to keep Jin Hee in the hospital since they want her fire. Chun Soo will fight tooth and nails for his people. It should be interesting to see how he is able to save his ER and intern.

I really do think Chang Min feels bad toward Jin Hee. I don’t think he can see the whole picture of what Jin Hee went through with his mother, but he is seeing a bit of it. At least we know Jin Hee wasn’t physically abused by Chang Min’s mother.  Seeing her in last episode caring for his mother and saving his mother, he does feel apologetic towards her. Maybe in the near future episode he will learn some of the truth for their failed marriage. I just would like to see him not be sorry and see the loving part. We got time but it is frustrating to see Chang Min be a doubebag.
The highlight of this episode has to be the Monday Couple. I heard about Gary guest staring and was wondering how they would add him in. Cheesy has it maybe I love all the Monday Couple references. From Kang Gary’s song Jin Hee sang to “you’re my type” to “I’ll see you on Monday”. During my first watch of the episode, I got to watch my Monday Couple at least 5 times before I could move on to the rest of the Drama. Chun Soo, you may not look down on my Monday Couple!

For me, this was another satisfying episode. The show is gradually laying out the story. I wished our couple would not be at each others throats for much longer. I am supposed to root for them as a couple but I don’t see the reason why. I would say this is one of the biggest flaws I am having with this Drama. As I mention in other ep-memes, I could wait if I saw why they got together in the first place. Right now, I don’t know why Chang Min got married to Jin Hee since he tends to loath her. There is nothing for me to want to root for them. I know there is history but what I have seen of said history I am glad Jin Hee isn’t with Chang Min. What made these two get married when their family was against it? Come on Drama give us a something to want to root for these two because I would rather root for Jin Hee and Chun Soo.

The Sum Up:
I will see you both on Monday.