Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dream High Episode 7: Not in Stock

On this episode of Dream High:
Time to go to the U.S.A., cold truth or cruel teaches, and the battle of the Showcases.

Jin Gook has a lot of daddy issues. Jin Gook is his dad’s bastard? His dad’s wife doesn’t seem to be very happy with Jin Gook around. Also, his dad also felt remorseful for throwing away Jin Gook’s mom and him. This leads me to think he must be a bastard and his dad doesn’t want the world to know with some big political election coming up. I understand him wanting to rebel against his dad.

I am not sure what to think about Baek Hee. I still don’t like her period. For me she is two faced. Yes, it sucks her mom doesn’t see the talent her daughter has. I could root for the character if she would just stop there. Yet, Baek Hee has to out fight Hye Mi which I understand the why, but it is her methods of beating Hye Mi. Yes she gave Jin Gook a break by getting him to sing on stage with her. She helped Jin Gook figure out a dream but became upset when the dream didn’t include her. I can only image what her plans are to keep Jin Gook.

Jason and Pil Sook win hands down in this episode. I love the Noraebang!!! I can only image how much fun the day on set must have been. Jason got either touch love or bad teaching from Teach Kyung Jin about him just being thankful to whoever he is on stage with for him to get noticed. Ouch, maybe true or not you’re still a teacher. Glad I didn’t have her in school. It was this harsh moment, his choice to forget the real Showcase and go to the one he would have more fun at. I see Jason becoming a member of our outcast group. 

Our favorite Teach Oh Hyuk was close to winning this episode. His speech about being a support to his students was moving. A teacher is to inspire their students. Help them towards their students Dream. Not all dreams can come true but teacher help shape them and their dreams. Teach Kyung Jin, you hear what a teacher is? 

The Sum Up:
It is a yes from me. You are going to LA.