Sunday, March 16, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 14: Answer Me

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
Unsure how to win her back, a blast from the past arrives, how anyone recovers from does scars caused by mean words, one comes clean about being divorced and another figures out to step back.

I was hoping the Minister wasn’t going to be the chick-in-the bucket. (i.e. forgotten plot point) Granted, he didn’t do much in terms of moving the plot, but he did make me think of more questions. I did enjoy the comedy of them trying to put on an act for him. Chang Min wanted to come clean to him, but it was Ji Hye who didn’t. Which I find is interesting since she tells everyone she was divorced. Why did she want to fake still being married to Chang Min to the Minister but told everyone she is divorced?

Which leads me to another question, why hasn’t Jin Hee informed her mom about Chang Min? They have been working for months together. Chang Min’s family all know about Jin Hee. The secret is pretty much out of the bag. Jin Hee’s mom knows how hard it was for her daughter to recover from the painful marriage, but why would Jin Hee still be hiding this information? I would want to hide it more from Crazy Mom instead of her mom. At least she didn’t get verbal abuse from her own mom.

Chun Soo has become the “McDreamy” with how he was able to become SuperDoctor by over coming his lonely and horrible childhood. He had no family to help him become the doctor and man he has become today. He is a doctor who has compassion and empathy for his patients. He isn’t a doctor to become rich and famous but one who wants to make people better. Chun Soo may not have started being a doctor with those intentions but he grew into that type of doctor. Drama Gods how can Chang Min compare to this man?

Chun Soo states he like Jin Hee, but than tells Chang Min as a person. I am going to go out there and say our Chief is still conflicted with his feelings. I am surprised this love triangular is taking place so late into the game. At this point our leads should be working on over coming their reasons for not being together to head into the battle with the evil parents. Than again Chun Soo says he can’t forgive someone who is divorced. This will be an interesting obstacle for Chun Soo and might be the only way for Chang Min to gets his foot back into the door with Jin Hee.

Chang Min has many doors he needs to pass to try to get close to Jin Hee. The fact he understands the hurt of being selfish towards Jin Hee helps he pass at least one door, but it doesn’t get him far. Jin Hee slapped Chang Min which means he needs to respect her choice. The main thing Chang Min needs to work to get his Jin Hee’s trust and respect in their personal life. She trust and respects him as a doctor but once the coats are gone there is none between the two. What he did to her in the past has consequences and he can’t just sweep them under the rug.

If Jin Hee wants Chang Min to leave her alone, he has to do as she wishes. This is part of the consequences for his actions of the past. Yes, this makes it harder for Chang Min and Jin Hee to become our OTP, but Jin Hee hasn’t come to terms with her own past either. She needs to feel in control and to put up lines for Chang Min to not cross. She needs to experience freedom as she was caged in a marriage of verbal abuse.

I am not blaming just Chang Min for his actions because he isn’t the only fault to their marriage being broken. Once Jin Hee comes to terms with her past, I believe she will either feel the love towards Chang Min or not and make her choice. She too needs to fight for want she wants. She needs to break out of her abused cage and stand up to her Crazy-ex-mother-n –law. She isn’t the same girl from the past and she needs to let people know she isn’t weak. She is a doctor who is saving lives. She did want her Crazy-ex-mother-n –law couldn’t do. She is higher on the totem pole than her.

This episode didn’t seem like it had a lot of meat to it on the surface but I think it did. The question this week was all about divorce. Why people look down on it and those who are divorced to look pass the dirty looks. People are human and make mistakes. Some of these mistakes can be not being able to co-exist with their spouse. Mistakes are ways for us to learn from the wrong. Let cross our fingers, Chang Min and Jin Hee can learn the mistakes from their marriage and figure out if starting again can happen.

The Sum Up:
Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable.” Aleatha Romig - Truth”