Saturday, March 1, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode10: Do You Love Me

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
It is the little things which come to mean a lot, dreams of how we first meet and feel in love, seeing each other with other people bother us both, and falling in love for a second time with the same person.

YAY!!!! We got some background into our beloved couple Jin Hee and Chang Min. How their first meetings turned into love. These two are just adorable beyond words. These two have a good teamwork together. In the first minutes of meeting, they worked together to help a student who had fainted. Seeing them together in the elevator working as a team, I am not surprised to see at their first meeting working together as strangers. They may have a lot of baggage but the one constant is them being able to work together.

The beginning of the episode Jin Hee tells Chang Min they aren’t husband and wife and it shouldn’t matter if either of them likes someone else. Over the course of the episode, she sees the caring Chang Min towards her which turns her heart. Than there is the interaction between him and Ah Reum which bothers Jin Hee to see these two together much like her and Chun Soo for Chang Min. Evening Chang Min teases Jin Hee about how she still cares when she races off. Chang Min knows he is falling for her again where Jin Hee hasn’t yet figured out where her feelings.

Dad is totally lying to his crazy wife about helping Jin Hee. He didn’t just help her get the internship but with becoming a doctor. Crazy Mom still seems to want her divorce after Chang Min and Ah Reum get married. My fingers are crossed Chang Min will stand up to his mom and fight her about her bad attitude. Yes Chang Min can still be childish much like his crazy mom, but I see him growing as a character while being an intern. I just hope Crazy Mom will grow as a character too. I don’t want her to continue to be evil Mom forever. I mean the actress as been there and done that with Secret Garden.

Chun Soo tells Chang Min he is interested in Jin Hee. I like the Chief. I probably would have picked him if Chang Min didn’t grow a heart. Those beginning episodes made it hard for me to like Chang Min and I continued to fall for Chun Soo. He isn’t going to get Jin Hee’s heart because like our main couple, he has a past he needs to settle with Ji Hye. I would rather have Ji Hye and Chun Soo together.

I like Ji Hye. What little screen time we have gotten from her, there is something fun and interesting about her character. She isn’t jealous over Jin Hee. I love how she teases both Chun Soo and Chang Min.  With these hints about her kid, it is only a matter of time before we get an episode with a lot of her. I am looking forward to the episode where we get to know more about her.

It is only a matter of time before Jin Hee and Chang Min’s past relationship comes out. I wonder how this will be brought to light. When they aren’t getting at each others throats, you can see they know each other well. Someone is going to figure out by watching them. I saw the nurse while they were eating. The other will be someone who knows letting it slip. The question will be will it matter when it does come to light. I also wonder if we will ever figure out what Crazy Mom said to Jin Hee over the phone before they trashed the house. I hope whatever she said isn’t a Chick in the Bucket.

(Chick in the Bucket – Plot points or people forgotten by the end of a movie or show – in the Film Wild Wild West; the actual girl in the bucket.)

Despite the horrible wig, I am digging the blast from the past. Not a lot of humor in this episode, but enough cuteness from cast. There is a lot of questions I hope to see are answered but I know some are going to have to wait. I am guessing some of the next episode will give us some answers we have been waiting for. We are at the half way point and there is still a lot of story to be told. I just hope the writer knows what the end is supposed to be.

The Sum Up:
Stealing from the poor isn’t right.