Saturday, March 22, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 16: Night Hero

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
Dad takes a turn for the worst, Crazy Mom might be human, The Chief is pissing off the attending doctors, and a family might be born again.

A very emotion episode as Dad is standing at Death’s door for most of this episode. Poor Chang Min having to perform his Doctor skills on his Dad and hoping he doesn’t kill him. Not to mention this is all happening on his birthday. Let’s hope next year’s birthday is filled with some happiness. I have heard Doctors are the worst at their own care, but I am surprised he didn’t get the help he needed. I still don’t understand why Dad didn’t noticed the problems he was having. It doesn’t look like we are going to get those answers either.

I wonder how Dad’s death is going to change Chang Min, Crazy Mom, and Jin Hee. I am crossing my fingers Crazy Mom gets how short life truly can be and let her son be a man. I hope she realizes if she wasn’t a b*tch the first time around, Chang Min could be a super star doctor working for her brother, Jin Hee would have been a supporting daughter-n-law and mother. Crazy Mom could have grandkids at this point if she wasn’t against the two of them. Who knows if Dad would have left his sickness affect him to this degree? Crazy Mom needs to see the terror she brings upon her family. With her husband’s death, she better have a new outlook on life.

As for Jin Hee, I hope she comes to terms with her past marriage. Yes, Jin Hee wasn’t treated the best, but I wonder how much of her treatment came from egging Chang Min on for them to fight. Look at the last episode when Jin Hee was fighting for her patient to be in surgery first. At first she may have been fighting for her patient but near the end of the argument she was trying to prove she was right. She wasn’t thinking like a Doctor but someone who has been hurt by her ex-husband. I believe once she comes to terms she has as much fault for their marriage a new start can happen.

Dad wanted Jin Hee and Chang Min to be together. I don’t want them to get together because of Dad but I hope they can find peace and comfort with each other. I hope with this new relationship they can form a new bond and grow together as friends, co-workers, and lovers. These two had a lot of elements against them the first go, but I believe they have grown to not let their relationship become destructive. Sure they will fight but I think they can learn to let it go and talk it through. A relationship is messy and takes hard work.

The Chief, Chun Soo … he needs to grow as a character. I don’t think he is ready for a relationship until he over come his past issues of his parents. His past is dictating his present. He lives at the hospital; he left the residences program before coming back. This man doesn’t know what he wants in life. He is figuring out he might care for someone which is good, but he needs to work on his life before he starts a relationship. Yes, he is right that it shouldn’t matter who the patient is for the attending to look at them, but it is how he is going about doing it. I don’t see the Chief and Jin Hee together because he has too much baggage in his past and present.

I am ready to see what happens next. The puzzle pieces are slowly coming together. I am not sure how we will get there but the ride isn’t bad. I ready for our couple to get together. We have seen the bad and I want some good. I want some cute fluff because I might cry. Come on Drama Gods, make it happen.

The Sum Up:
“Adam was the luckiest man; he had no mother-in-law.” Mark Twain