Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 12: Like a Child

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
24 hours of being roommates, spending the day with the ex-wife through her work, Mom meets the rival, Dad wants lunch with his in-laws, and our hero wants to start over with his ex.

Does anyone buy Chun Soo’s feelings toward Jin Hee? Our Chief is a reserved character. Not very out going or expressive. Let’s just say I wouldn’t play poker with the guy. I don’t see any tells. With that being said, I felt he connected with Jin Hee as doctors. Jin Hee reminded Chun Soo of himself as an intern and wanting to guild her in the right direction. I felt he wanted to make sure she didn’t make the mistakes he made because he cares to much for his patients.   

Maybe I just don’t see it or want to see because I like the Chief. Plus, I like Ji Hye a lot. I know she cares for Chun Soo. I just don’t want to see a good character to become a Drama trope. It is more fun to have two people fighting for the girl but in the case of this drama I would’ve been fine without it. These Chang Min and Jin Hee have tons of baggage they need a truck to move it. I can see the possibility of having another person like her be helping in showing Jin Hee her feelings for Chang Min haven’t changed. Yet it could do the opposite if the writer isn’t careful. It could show Jin Hee there are more fish in the sea and she can move on which would defeat the point of this drama.

I think people are being harsh on Chang Min. I was reading over the first few episodes. I felt I was being cruel to Chang Min at the beginning with how much I disliked Chang Min. At the beginning I describe Chang Min as a Momma’s boy who is self-centered. He is changing from this character at the beginning. He may not physically spend the day with her but he did through Jin Hee’s patients. He is learning being a doctor isn’t spent healing the sickness but treating the patient. Which he could take this lesson and use it in daily life. People need to be treated like people and not as a number. He is seeing the world outside his self.

Chang Min is seeing the old and new Jin Hee. He is falling in love with both women. I just hope he can get over his Momma boy problem next. He did kind of tell his Crazy Mom off. I just hope for Jin Hee sake he protects her like a husband/lover/boyfriend should. I believe part of the problem with their relationship was he let his mom abused Jin Hee through her mean words. Instead of being a man, he let it happen. Drama Gods, don’t fail me by making him let his mom walk all over Jin Hee.

I am completely fine with where everyone is in our leads relationship. Jin Hee isn’t to sure because she doesn’t want history to repeat. Can’t say I blame her. On the other hand, I think this time Chang Min is more in love with Jin Hee unlike last time. I think Jin Hee was more in love with Chang Min the first time. I am happy he is getting to experience being the one more in love than the other. Hopefully he will learn to treasure her this time.

There is nothing wrong with feeling the sweetness of love. They still need to sit down and talk about what broke their marriage up. But the hard stuff sometimes happens later or when they are force to talk. I just hope it isn’t force to talk about it. I want Chang Min to be the one to have the talk knowing Jin Hee isn’t all in on restarting.

I am wondering how the writer is going to workout these issues of our leads. Jin Hee isn’t giving her heart to Chang Min. Her hero warship of the Chief could turn into a crush. I get conflict makes the story interesting but there seem to be enough conflict without adding more. I guess we will have to wait and see what the next episode unfolds.

The Sum Up:
Maybe Chang Min needs to sing to Jin Hee his true feelings like a musical.